Easy and Quick Ideas for a Theme for a May Adult Birthday Party

by Belle Palladino

A themed birthday party does not have to be any more difficult or involved than a typical birthday bash. If a loved one, friend or co-worker is tired of the same old birthday celebrations year after year, surprise him with a thoughtful, May-themed birthday party. This year, go beyond boring balloons or traditional store-bought cake and throw a themed birthday party for someone celebrating in May.

Emerald-themed Birthday Party

The birthstone for May is the emerald. Use emerald green as the basic color theme and incorporate strands of fake green "jewels" into the decorations. Draw inspiration for dishes, drinks, desserts or decorations from the lore of emeralds or even from the Emerald City from "The Wizard of Oz."

Spring Garden Birthday Party

For most of the country, the month of May is when many people's flower gardens start to bloom. Host a spring flowers and garden party for someone celebrating her birthday during this month. Instead of wrapped presents, ask guests to bring flowers and gardening supplies. Host the party either in your own garden or in a room filled with freshly cut flowers and serve tea sandwiches, finger foods and cake.

Seasonal Birthday Dinner Party

Throw a seasonal foods birthday dinner party. Leeks, asparagus, artichokes and strawberries are in season during May. Organize a dinner party or potluck that incorporates these seasonal fruits and vegetables into the menu. At the party, serve strawberry-flavored drinks, such as Abita Strawberry, Covington Strawberry Ale or strawberry daiquiris. Make a strawberry birthday cake or consider an angel food cake served with strawberries and cream for dessert.

Cinco de Mayo Birthday Party

Go for something different. Take inspiration from Cinco de Mayo for a Mexican-themed birthday party. Play salsa and mariachi music, use red and green decorations and a piñata to create a colorful holiday atmosphere. For the adventurous, whip up a Mexican chocolate cake for the birthday centerpiece. It's easy to make and has a hint of spices (see Resources). Provide margaritas, Mexican beers, tacos, chips and salsa for guests to enjoy as they toast the birthday guy or gal.

About the Author

Belle Palladino began writing professionally in 2010. Her interests include: architecture, architectural theory, art history, and cooking. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in art history from Boston University and a Master of Architecture from Louisiana State University.