Easy Party Games for Children 11-12 Years Old

by Amanda Williams
There are many fun and easy party games for tweens.

There are many fun and easy party games for tweens.

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A tween's party isn't complete without fun games. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a middle-school sport's team celebration or a semester of excellent grades, keep your party entertaining and exciting for everyone with games. Easy games include traditional party games with a new twist and games that exercise teamwork skills.

Drama Bag

Fill up several bags with many random items, such as a plastic beach shovel, an umbrella, a watch, tin foil and a hat. Divide your tween party guests up into several teams of at least three kids, or allow them to pick their own teams. Hand each team a bag and give them 15 minutes to make up a skit, song or commercial using only the objects in their bag.

Truth or Dare

Put a twist on the popular game of truth or dare. On a large beach ball, write out questions or dares in a permanent marker. Include truth questions such as "What is your favorite movie?" "What sports do you like to play?" "What is your secret talent?" and "If you had a million dollars, what would you buy?" and dares such as "I dare you to choose a condiment in the kitchen and eat a spoonful of it (such as ketchup or mustard)," "I dare you to hug the closest person near you," and "I dare you to go outside and sing 'I'm a Little Teapot' as loud as you can." Throw the beach ball to a tween. Whichever question happens to be under or closest to her right thumb is the question she has to answer.

Scavenger Hunt

Make several lists of objects in your neighborhood, whether it be things like pizza place, fire hydrant or swings. Divide your tween party guests into teams of three or four and give each team a digital camera, cell phone with camera, or a Polaroid camera if available. Enlist responsible adults to be the head team members. Give each team a list of objects to find and take a picture of it in your neighborhood. The first team to bring back images of all the objects on their list wins a prize.

Sponge Relay

Split up your tween party guests into two teams. On one end of your yard, place a bucket filled with water. At least twenty feet away, place another bucket but keep this one empty. Use identical buckets so measuring is easier for you after the game. Each team is given a large sponge. Line up team members at the bucket filled with water. Tween players must dip their sponge into the water-filled bucket, let it absorb as much water as possible, then run to the empty bucket and wring their sponge out into the bucket. Then they must run back to their team, pass the sponge off and the next person goes. After two minutes, ask all teams to stop where they are and measure the buckets with a ruler to see whose bucket is the deepest.

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