Easy Kindergarten Zoo Party Games

by Tracey Bleakley
Games are a fun way to entertain the guests at a child's birthday party.

Games are a fun way to entertain the guests at a child's birthday party.

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Young children love animals, so if you are planning a party for your kindergartner consider making it a zoo-themed party. Plan some games and activities to keep the kids busy and having fun at your celebration. The games don't have to be complicated, there are lots of animal-inspired games that require little or no preparation.

Zoo Animal Charades

Before the party make some cards with pictures of different animals on them. Place all of the cards in a box or paper sack. To play zoo animal charades, let one child draw a card from the box and try to act out the animal on it for the other other children to guess. No words are allowed but animal sounds are okay. Whoever guesses correctly, gets to draw the next card. You can play without the cards too. Just have an adult whisper which animal the child should act out for the group.

Animals on the Loose!

Hide small stuffed or plastic animals around the room or yard where the party is being held. Tell the children that animals have escaped from the zoo and are on the loose. Have the kids pretend to be zookeepers and hunt for all of the missing animals. Have a small prize for the child who finds the most animals.

Hungry Lions

This fun version of freeze tag is perfect for an outdoor party. Choose two children to be lions, The rest of the children will be antelopes. When you yell "Feeding Time!" the lions have to chase the antelopes and try to tag them. If an antelope is tagged, he must freeze with his legs spread apart, until another antelope crawls between his legs. Then he is free to run again.

Hippos in the Mud

Tape several brown paper bags together or use a large piece of brown butcher paper and cut into a large mud puddle shape. Tape the "mud" to the floor with masking tape. Then use the tape to make another large circle that overlaps the pretend mud puddle. Line the children up on the circle of tape and start playing some music. The children have to pretend to be hippos and crawl along the tape in a circle. When the music stops, the kids stop crawling. The "hippos" who are on the part of the tape that overlaps the mud puddle are "stuck in the mud" and receive a small prize like a sticker. Keep playing until everyone has had a chance to get "stuck in the mud."

The Zookeeper Says

Instead of Simon Says, play The Zookeeper Says with your guests. Choose one child to be the zookeeper and call out instructions for the others to follow. If she begins with "The zookeeper says," the other children have to do as she says or they are out. If the zookeeper doesn't say, the children can't follow the instruction or they will be out. Encourage the zookeeper to think of some fun animal-inspired actions for the kids to do, like "Swing your arms like a monkey" or "Growl like a lion."

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