Easy Homemade Hunting Calls

by Katrina Arthurs
Pheremone spray along with hunting calls will increase odds of attracting prey.

Pheremone spray along with hunting calls will increase odds of attracting prey.

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One of the most effective methods a hunter uses to attract prey is a hunting call. Hunting calls can be purchased at any outdoors store, and some smart phones offer applications that can be downloaded and played. Easy homemade hunting calls can be fabricated using simple items and a few power tools and are as effective at attracting prey as store bought and digital versions.

Duck Call

You only need a plastic straw and scissors to make a duck call. Press down on one end of the straw until it is flat, then cut it in a triangular shape. This is the end you will blow into.

Turkey Call

A tube call is the easiest to make for attracting turkey. You'll need a latex glove, rubber bands, hot glue, camouflage tape, sand paper, scissors, 3/4-inch PVC pipe coupler and a plastic lid. Sand down one end of the PVC pipe. Trace the opening of the pipe onto the plastic lid then cut it out. A lid from an old food container will work just fine. Once you've cut out your circle, cut it in half. Hot glue one half circle on top of the PVC pipe to make the lip rest. From the latex glove, cut out a 2-by-2-inch square. Stretch it tight across the top of the tube, including the lip rest, and secure it with a rubber band. Hot glue the other half of the circle you cut out over the latex opposite the lip rest. Make sure you leave 1/4-inch gap between the two pieces, then cut a slit in the latex that runs the length of that gap. Cover the pipe in camouflage tape, and you're ready to use your turkey call.

Deer Call

To make a deer call, you will need two 3/4-inch O-rings, PVC glue, a 1-inch PVC pipe that is 4 inches in length and a 3/4-inch PVC pipe that is 2 inches in length. Sand the inside of one end of the 1-inch PVC pipe, then sand down the outside of one end of the 3-/4-inch pipe. Slide the O-rings onto either end of the 3/4-inch tube until they are an inch apart. Cover the sanded end of the 3/4-inch pipe in PVC glue then insert it into the sanded end of the 1-inch pipe. Make sure the O-rings go into the tube. After the glue dries, purse your lips and blow through the 3/4-inch side of the call.

Coyote Call

For a homemade coyote call, you will need a clarinet reed, an electric drill with a 6-inch drill bit, a one-sided razor blade, wood glue and a 6-by-1-inch-wide dowel rod. Drill a hole through the center of the dowel rod. Whittle down the clarinet reed with the razor blade until it just barely fits inside the dowel rod hole. It should be a very tight fit. You will have to do a few test blows before securing the reed to the dowel rod. Blow inside the front end of your dowel hole. If the reed vibrates and makes noise, it's ready to be secured. If not, gently pull the reed out and reinsert it, then try again. Once the reed makes sound, secure it to the dowel rod by placing glue on the corners of the reed. Let it dry overnight.

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