Easy Homemade Halloween Illusions

by Christi Aldridge
Startle guests with creepy Halloween decorations.

Startle guests with creepy Halloween decorations.

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Make Halloween party guests or friends visiting your home do a double take when they see Halloween illusions decorating your house. Creepy, spooky decorations can provide laughter and scares for friends and family of all ages. Put together a few illusions that will have guests asking how you did it.

Spooky Portraits

Make portraits with eyeballs that glow by using a copy machine to create black and white or gray scale copies of family portraits. Glue copies to a heavy piece of card stock, then use a sharp craft knife to make holes in the eyes that are big enough for LED lights to fit into. Put the photos in frames, leaving the back open, and put an LED light into each person's eye. Tape the frame's cardboard back over the card stock and light to keep it in place. Alternatively, create spooky portraits by gluing on googly eyes or lenticular eyes to portraits. Create fangs out of construction paper and glue them to the front of the portrait for extra creepiness.

Ghostly Glasses

Write a message from beyond on your drinking glasses before offering friends a haunted refreshment. Mix a small amount of liquid dish soap into a bowl of water, and use this mixture to write something scary on to a drinking glass. Freeze the glass to seal the greeting. Once you take the glass out of the freezer and fill it with a drink, the words will appear as if by magic.

Flying Ghosts

Let some ghosts loose in the trees by using white helium balloons, sheer fabric and fishing line. Drape each balloon with a long piece of fabric and tie a piece of fishing line to each balloon's knot. Draw a ghostly face onto the fabric with a permanent marker, and tie the balloons into the trees. Since the fishing line won't be visible it will look like the ghosts are flying in the trees.

Mirror Ghost

Guests will have to look twice when their reflection looks spookier than normal in your mirror. Use frosted window film to make the ghostly illusion appear in your mirror. Use a sharp craft knife to cut a creepy figure out of the film. Don't forget facial features. Stick the film to the mirror and it will look like a ghost floating in the mirror.

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