Eastern Washington Resorts

by Ethan Shaw

Eastern Washington can feel a world away from the mist-bound temperate rainforests and tidewater bays west of the Cascade crest. This is a landscape of craggy uplifts, rugged scablands and vast sagebrush and bunchgrass steppe. Resorts in this expansive region often market the sunnier, drier climate on this side of the state’s most imposing mountain chain. Whether you’re looking to rocket along downhill-ski slopes or simply relax by a pine-edged lake, there are plenty of vacation accommodations from Wenatchee to Walla Walla.


Many of eastern Washington’s resorts are RV parks, such as Blue Valley RV Park in Walla Walla. Set near the Blue Mountains in far southeastern Washington, Blue Valley has plenty of amenities for RVs and trailers, including wireless Internet service throughout the park. Other businesses cater to adventure recreationists. Outside Wenatchee on the eastern flanks of the Cascade Range is Mission Ridge Ski and Board Resort, for example. Still others, like Silver Beach Resort in northeastern Washington, provide a woodsy retreat with both cabins and RV sites.


Eastern Washington’s RV resorts offer dozens of full hook-up spaces for the parking of recreational rigs. Suncrest Resort near Moses Lake on the Columbia Plateau, for example, has 83 sites for RVs. Sun Mountain Lodge near Winthrop provides a range of rooms, all enjoying views of surrounding scenery like the North Cascades and the Methow Valley; the most deluxe, called the Mt. Robinson Guest Rooms, feature whirlpool baths among other amenities. In addition to spaces for RV parking, Blueslide Resort in Cusick showcases both one- and two-bedroom cabins with queen beds and fully equipped kitchens.

Attractions and Activities

The resorts in this part of the state tend to advertise their impressive surrounding scenery, whether it’s the rugged eastern front of the Cascades, the heavily timbered mountains of the far northeast, the rolling steppe of the Columbia Plateau or the lava breaks of the Blue Mountains in southeastern Washington. On the grounds themselves, visitors have much to occupy them. Suncrest Resort offers a 60-person spa, a pool and water slides, and volleyball and horseshoe set-ups. When you’re done for the day on the ski and snowboard slopes of Mission Ridge, you can relax to live music and chow down at one of the resort’s restaurants.

Getting Information

You can search for and contact individual resorts directly over the Internet, through phone-book listings and the like. But there are other avenues as well. The Eastern Washington Resort Association conglomerates information about its member resorts. You can also get information through a county tourism chamber. For example, Grant County distributes a free visitors guide and includes a searchable database of resorts on its website.