Duck Hunting Trips to Ontario, Canada

by Edith Quinn

For avid duck hunters, Ontario should top their list of destinations when planning duck hunting trips. With its wilderness, pristine lakes and abundance of wildlife, Ontario has an excellent environment and resources for duck hunting. Once you know where to begin, you'll find planning your duck hunting trips to Ontario fairly easy and straightforward.

Gun Laws

Automatic weapons and certain types of handguns, including those with short barrels, can't be brought into the country. Visitors bringing certain shotguns and rifles will face no restrictions when bringing them into the country for hunting purposes. Firearms must be declared to custom officials. Visitors making multiple hunting trips into Ontario may want to apply for a five-year license and register their firearms with the federal government.

Cards and Licenses

If you're a visitor to Canada or a non-Ontario resident, you will need a outdoors hunting card before you can start your duck hunting trip. A temporary outdoors hunting card will provide you with hunting privileges during hunting trips in Ontario. You can obtain these cards at any ServiceOntario location. Since hunting of waterfowl is supervised by the Canadian Wildlife Service, you will require a permit to hunt migratory game birds. To obtain a permit, contact the Environment Canada regional headquarters in Burlington or a district office in Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor or Sault Ste. Marie.

Hunting Seasons

Your trips must coincide with the proper hunting season for you to legally hunt ducks in Ontario. Environment Canada has split the province into four hunting districts: Hudson -- James Bay, Northern, Central and Southern. Although the hunting season for waterfowl ranges from early to late September through December and into early January for some areas, each district sets its own opening and ending dates of any given season. Daily possession limits also vary by district.


When unsure how to plan or where to go in Ontario for your trips, hiring the services of an outfitter may prove helpful. Outfitters can guide you where the best hunting is as well as give you advice when filling out necessary paperwork for licenses and permits. Many outfitters offer packages that include accommodations and meals, allowing you to focus on your hunting experience. Some outfitters have guides you can hire during your trips as well as equipment, such as blinds and decoys, you can use.

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