Dual Themed Frat Party Ideas

by Gwendolen Akard
Even with a few hundred of these, a frat party still needs a good theme.

Even with a few hundred of these, a frat party still needs a good theme.

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Anyone who has seen the movie "Animal House" knows the stereotype of the college party. However, this stereotype sometimes comes to life during college frat parties, where wild outfits, lots of beer and as many girls are possible are the names of the game. These gathering create the backbone of the social life at many universities and constitute an important part of Greek life on college campuses. What makes the parties fun are their themes, since the same location and group of people every week can get pretty boring. Dual themes allow people to dress up in two different costumes or to go as a team. 

Pimps and Hoes

This theme essentially means guys get to dress like idiots and girls get to wear as little as possible. A classier (or less classy) version is "bikers and babes." Males wear motorcycle gear and girls wear bits of leather. A dressier version is "CEOs and office hoes," which is the same type of party, but in formal attire. This type of party has many variations, but always involves a catchy name and complementary outfits.

Rags to Riches

This theme involves a game as well as a costume requirement. Everyone dresses in either rags or riches attire and starts outside with a keg of the cheapest beer possible. When they have finished the keg, people move inside and drink the higher-quality liquor or wine. This is a great way to get people really smashed, really fast.

Cops and Robbers

Everyone comes dressed up as either a cop or a robber. Robbers are handcuffed to their escorting officers and have to pass the night with them or escape their handcuffs through any means possible. This is a fun party idea to get people to meet and mingle.

Rule of Two Party

This is a dual party theme in that the rule regulating the dress code is a rule of two; that is, you can only have two pieces of clothing. Shoes don't count because everyone knows frat houses are disgusting. The brave will come in just socks while the boring will come in boxers and t-shirts

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