Drinking Games for a 40th Birthday Party

by Krystal Miller
Play drinking games at your next adult party.

Play drinking games at your next adult party.

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Put a spin on a basic 40th birthday party by adding some fun drinking games. Drinking games will get the party guests mingling, giving everyone a chance to meet new people and make new friends. For non-drinkers, have non-alcoholic beer or sparkling juice available. When playing drinking games, be responsible by making sure no one gets too intoxicated and that everyone playing has a designated driver for the ride home.

Easy Games

Designate one player to be "it" for the first game. Tell "it" to put his thumb on a table as discreetly as possible at some point. Once someone notices his thumb on a table, they must do the same thing. The last player to put his thumb on the table has to take a drink or a shot. Other variations for this game include "it" lifting one foot off the ground, putting his hand on another player's shoulder or walking outside. He has to try to be as discreet as possible, not making his "move" obvious. The last player has to take a drink. For added fun, have the last player make a toast to the birthday guest of honor.

Coin Games

For a simple coin game, have two players stand facing each other. Have the birthday girl stand beside them with a coin. She will select one player to call out heads or tails. If the player calls heads and it lands on tails, he has to drink. Otherwise, the other player must take a drink. Play a high intensity drinking game by playing quarters. Place a glass on the table and have player try to bounce a quarter off the table into a cup. If a player makes a quarter into the cup, he can select another player to take a drink or shot.

Classic Games

Play a game of "I have never" with a twist. Have the birthday guest of honor say things he has never done but that he thinks other people probably have. For example, say things like "I have never taken a drink of green beer," "I have never been to the beach" or "I have never bought high heels." Any player who has must take a drink. For a variation, have all the players take a turn saying "I have never," instead of only the birthday guest of honor.

Card Games

Have all the adults sit around a table with their beverages. Pass out a deck of cards to all the players until all the cards are gone. All players must look at their cards and the four players with the kings must take a drink. For more fun, have the birthday girl select another card besides the kings before the game starts. Players who have those cards must drink, too. For a more intense drinking game, pass out one card to each player. Anyone who has a face card does not have to take a drink. Anyone who has a number card has to take the corresponding number of drinks and anyone with an ace must take one drink.

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