Dress Up Movie Stars Games

by Michael Monet
Become your favorite movie character with clothes in your closet.

Become your favorite movie character with clothes in your closet.

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Well-written characters in movies become some of pop culture's greatest icons. If you enjoy a movie and its actors enough, you may even become interested in their daily and personal lives as they unfold on celebrity-gossip television programs and websites. Another way to relate to your favorite movie characters is to dress up like them for role-play games. You can use these games at parties and gatherings of all kinds for fun, laughs and excellent photo opportunities.

Favorite Scene

Each player chooses a favorite monologue scene from one of his favorite movies. After choosing the scene, the player dresses up as the character and speaks the scene's monologue. Each player can set up her scene as she wishes, using props found around the house, playing a music soundtrack or having another player narrate the opening. The other players sit in the audience and watch as she acts out his dramatic monologue. Once each player performs, all players anonymously vote on whose presentation most closely matched the true scene from the movie by writing the player's name on a scrap of paper. One person tallies the votes and names the winner.

Who Am I

Using clothes and props from around the house, each player turns herself into a movie star of her choosing. Once all players are dressed, players take turns trying to express who they are to the rest of the group in the tradition of "charades." Players can talk, but they can only say lines from a movie, television appearance, award show appearance or quote from a magazine. The other players guess the name of the performer. The person whose character they guess the fastest wins. Alternatively, each player can write the name of a movie star and a specific movie they appeared in on a scrap of paper and throw it in a hat. Each player picks a name and acts out the character that movie star played to the best of his ability.

Award Show

You can play this as a stand-alone game or make it the theme of a party. Each player dresses up as her favorite movie star. Players determine award show categories, such as best actor, best actress, best comedy, best kiss and best picture. Each player writes a list of the movies in which his character has appeared, and the group considers these movies for the vote. Guests then vote on which movie star and which movie wins in each category. If a player's character is the winner, he has to stand at the front of the group and make a speech to accept his award. Roll out a red carpet, use a video camera and have a CD player nearby to play music for each winner announced. The little details count in this game.

Famous Couples

Perhaps more addicting then following the lives of specific movie stars is following their dramatic romances with one another. Write individual names of famous celebrity couples on a scrap of paper and throw them into a hat. Each player pulls out a name to determine what celebrity he will portray. Once a player picks a celebrity, she has to find the player who picked her celebrity partner. Even if a player picks a celebrity of the opposite sex, he has to dress up as the celebrity he picked. Finally, celebrity couples will act out a scene from a movie they starred in together.

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