How to Dress Up Like Dr. Seuss Characters

by Melissa Lewis

The popular author Dr. Seuss is remembered yearly on his birthday, March 2, also known as “Read Across America” day. Many schools and communities celebrate this day by encouraging kids and adults to dress like Dr. Seuss characters. The planning and execution of the costume may be easier and more fun than you think.

Step 1

Choose a character that best represents you. Are you a picky eater? Sam from “Green Eggs and Ham” will be a good choice. Are you adventurous? The Cat in the Hat may be right for you. Are you sensitive and care about others, no matter what? Then, dress up like Horton the elephant.

Step 2

Visit a thrift store, which may clothing and props you need to make your costume. For example, look for a top hat, red bow tie and a large blue umbrella to dress up as the Cat in the Hat. If you're dressing as Sam from "Green Eggs and Ham," look for a serving tray and fork to use as props. If you're dressing up as the Grinch, find an old Santa suit to dress up as he did. To dress up as Thing 1 and Thing 2, look for those hard-to-find red pants. Better yet, you may find red footy pajamas in your size. If you're dressing up as Sally from the Cat in the Hat series, keep your eye out for a red hair ribbon. A Christmas bow may work.

Step 3

Make a costume. Painting red and white stripes on a top hat you found at the thrift store can be the beginning of your Cat in the Hat costume. To dress up as a Sneetch, glue yellow feathers, available in many craft stores or online, onto an old dress or man’s oversized shirt, preferably yellow. Wrap a small, white scarf around your neck, add a star to the belly and voila! To dress up as Thing 1 or 2, make a circular sign to pin on top of the red shirt, sporting which one you are. Then, frizz up your hair and a paint it blue with temporary hair paint and you’re all set. Or, buy a wig, frizz up the hair and dye it blue.

Step 4

Create the finishing touches. If for example, you are dressing up as the Grinch, place a small round cushion or pillow under a green shirt to add his pot belly if you don't have one already. Tuck in the shirt to secure it or pin the pillow to the underside of the shirt. Add face paint, if desired to finish the look for your Dr. Seuss character. For example, add rosy cheeks if you are dressing up as cute Cindy Lou Who or whiskers for the Cat in the Hat.

Step 5

Think ahead in the fall if you want to wear a pre-made costume on Dr. Seuss’ birthday on March 2. Costumes are readily available during this time a year in many stores. Costumes are also available online year round.

Tips & Warnings

  • Have a partner if you are dressing up as Thing 1 or 2 so one of you can be Thing 1 and the other Thing 2.

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