How to Dress As Demi Lovato for Halloween

by Jeffrey Norman

Demi Lovato may rank as one of the most popular young starlets currently in Hollywood. As such, her high-profile status makes her a choice pick to emulate for the Halloween holiday. Attempting to channel your inner Lovato for some scary-day fun can require fairly arduous research. Miss Lovato clings to no sole uniform. In fact, she endeavors to expand her fashion identity with a multitude of styles. Still, plucky Demi wannabes can replicate certain traits to become lovely Lovatos for a night.

Step 1

Don a wig if necessary. Ms. Lovato sports long, wavy tresses of dark brown. Consider adding extensions if you have chocolate hair that's a bit short. Otherwise, you will need to locate an appropriate wig to ensure a strong resemblance to Demi. Top it all off with a dark-colored bowler hat, a Lovato mainstay.

Step 2

Research her most iconic outfits. Study Demi's album covers. Review her garb in the "Camp Rock" films, as well as the "Sonny With A Chance" television show. For the red carpet, Demi often chooses a short white dress, with a belt (khaki, tan, or black) to highlight her waist. When looking for potential sartorial choices, consider your own body shape. Pick an ensemble that will flatter your own frame as well as fool friends that you're Demi's twin.

Step 3

Analyze her makeup characteristics. Demi tends to first apply concealer to match her skin tone, then lightly shadows each eye, accented with jet-black eyeliner. Mascara and blush are applied tastefully. Cherry red or rich, salmon red lipstick completes the look. As you're mimicking Demi for Halloween, feel free to up the ante: ditch elegance for a more extreme makeup on the holiday, and you may make a more noticeable impression.

About the Author

Jeffrey Norman has been writing professionally since 2005. His work has been published in such journals as the "Leland Quarterly" and on the blog, An Apple A Day. Norman earned a Bachelor of Arts in literature and creative writing from Stanford University.