"Dreamcatcher" Movie Synopsis

by Iam Jaebi

"Dreamcatcher" is a 2003 movie based on a Stephen King novel of the same name. The movie is cast with several recognizable faces, including Morgan Freeman, Donnie Wahlberg, Thomas Jane and Timothy Olyphant. The movie didn't become a commercial success, but may prove entertaining to viewers enjoying fantasy and science fiction involving aliens and telepathy.

Central Characters

The movie begins with the introduction of four men, Henry, Beaver, Pete and Jonesy, all friends since adolescence. The men struggle to deal with day-to-day life because of the extraordinary telepathic abilities each possesses. Jonesy sees a boy he recognizes across a busy road, beckoning him to come closer. Without thinking, Jonesy steps into the street and is struck by a fast-moving vehicle. He dies, but only momentarily, recovering from the accident rapidly. Soon after, the four friends decide to get away for an annual hunting trip in Maine.

The Source of Telepathy

Through flashbacks, the four friends tell the story of how they met and befriended a special boy named Duddits, the very same boy Jonesy saw across the busy street. As children, Duddits granted his only friends his telepathic ability, which they call "the line." Henry, Beaver, Pete and Jonesy, still recovering from his accident, begin the hunting trip with fond memories of Duddits and look forward to the days ahead. Events take a turn for the worse when Jonesy and Beaver meet a sick man.

The Trip Turns Bad

The sick man's condition worsens rapidly as military helicopters fly overhead, declaring the area quarantined. Jonesy and Beaver unsuccessfully try to find help for the sick man. When they return, they discover him dead in the bathroom. Soon afterward, a snakelike hostile alien exits his body, eventually killing Beaver and then possessing Jonesy. Jonesy remains conscious in a recess of his mind that resembles a warehouse, but he is unable to stop the alien, called "Mr. Gray." Eventually, Jonesy realizes that his "sighting" and momentary death was Duddits' doing, a preparation to fight off the alien parasite.

Mr. Gray's Rampage

Jonesy watches in horror as Mr. Gray embarks on a secret mission. Jonesy begins to hide parts of his mind, resembling metaphorical boxes, in the warehouse of his subconscious for fear of helping Mr. Gray. Meanwhile, Mr. Gray eats Pete for refusing to help him find his way out of the forest. Jonesy telepathically instructs Henry to hide before he meets a similar fate.

Henry Gets Help

Henry returns to the cabin, discovers eggs left behind by an alien, and decides to burn the lodge down to kill them all. He uses his telepathic powers to convince Owen, a soldier, to expose the rogue quarantine operation to the Army and help him stop Mr. Gray from doing something horrible. Henry and Owen take off after Mr. Gray, with Curtis, Owen's angry commanding officer, hot on their trail.

Duddits' Return

Henry takes Owen to meet Duddits, who helps them find Mr. Gray at a reservoir. Mr. Gray plans to infect the water supply with alien spores. Owen and Curtis kill each other in a standoff. Henry confronts Mr. Gray, but is ineffective. Duddits intervenes, revealing himself as an alien, and Mr. Gray finally leaves Jonesy's body to fight. Both aliens die, and Jonesy crushes a tiny alien larva before it contaminates the water supply.

About the Author

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