How to Drape a Tent

by Mike Johnson
A draped tent can be used for a backyard party.

A draped tent can be used for a backyard party.

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When setting up a tent that can be draped, the process is fairly straightforward. Unlike tents that are meant for camping, those that can be draped are generally set up in backyards to shade your family members and guests from harsh sunshine or an occasional rain shower. Once you set up the stabilizing poles, the installation process basically involves draping the tent and then securing the tent to the poster poles you draped it over.

Items you will need

  • Tent
  • Tape measure
  • Stakes
  • Hammer
  • Cord
  • Poles
Step 1

Unroll the main portion of the tent that you will be draping. This will generally look like a piece of tarp. Pull out the edges so that the grommets, or metal loops, are at each corner.

Step 2

Measure diagonally from each grommet on the tent. For a 15-by-15-foot tent, you would measure outward about 4 feet at each corner.

Step 3

Install small stakes at each location you measured. Pound them into the ground with a hammer.

Step 4

Construct the pole structure for the tent. For some tents, there will only be four poles, which are installed at the exact location of the grommets when the tent is laid out. Other tents might have a more intricate pole system where the four poster poles are connected at the top by four additional poles for added stability.

Step 5

Drive the four poster poles into the ground at least a foot deep for stabilization. Drive them in a little more if they are not connected by additional poles around the top edges.

Step 6

Drape the tent over the poles you installed in the ground. Tie the edges of the tent to the tops of the poles through the tent's grommets at each corner.

Step 7

Stabilize the tent by connecting additional cord from the grommets down to the stakes you installed earlier. Pull these cords tight.

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