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    A Synopsis of the Taiwanese Drama "The Outsiders"

    Since the late 1980s, Taiwan's television market has evolved from three state-controlled TV stations to 100 24-hour cable channels. Throughout Asia, Taiwanese dramas in particular have become hugely popular. "The Outsiders," also known as "Fighting Fish," which aired for the first time in 2004, ranks as one of the most successful of the Taiwanese television shows sometimes called "idol dramas."

    A Synopsis of the Drama "On Air"

    The Korean drama "On Air" aired from March through May 2008 in 21 episodes. It focused on four main characters who represented different areas in the television entertainment industry. Along the way, "On Air" gave viewers a peek into the hard work, dedication and drama involved in producing a television show.

    Synopsis of the Korean Drama "Two Wives"

    “Two Wives” is a Korean drama show that ran for 120 episodes on SBS; it aired from May to October of 2009. The show was aired five days a week, which is why so many episodes were shown in a single season. It is the second series in the SBS network's "Wife Trilogy."