Dragonfly Party Ideas

by Ruth O'Neil
Choose from a variety of ideas when creating a dragonfly party theme.

Choose from a variety of ideas when creating a dragonfly party theme.

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Dragonflies are insects with long, iridescent wings. Some people believe that dragonflies represent change and a new life, making a dragonfly theme a good idea for parties ranging from a little girl's birthday party to a baby shower. You can find all sorts of dragonfly decorations and ideas available for sale, or you can try using some homemade ideas to stage a magical dragonfly-themed celebration.


Create invitations that will make people excited about coming to your party. Instead of printing out traditional invitations, make one-of-a-kind invitations by using scrapbooking paper. Choose dragonfly-patterned paper and papers of coordinating colors and attach them to cardstock. Glue a section of paper with the information about the party printed or written on it to the inside of the card. Use dragonfly stamps or scrapbooking stickers to decorate the envelopes.


Make a dragonfly cake for your guests. Bake a 9-by-13-inch rectangle cake and a round cake. Cut these into different pieces to represent the wings and body of the dragonfly. Arrange the cut pieces of the cake before frosting it. Make cupcakes if you want to have individual servings. Use candy to make the shape of the dragonfly on top of frosted cupcakes. Licorice works well for making odd shapes. Use whatever other small pieces of candy you want. Give the cupcakes a little sparkle by sprinkling with sanding sugar.


Be prepared to make a dragonfly craft with your party guests. Make dragonfly ornaments with older kids or adults. Form the body by threading graduating beads on a wire. Make a wire wrapping to create the top of the body and use a larger bead for the head. Twist 18-gauge wire into the shape of wings. For children, make a similar style of dragonfly using pipe cleaners and beads.


Create a dragonfly paradise by decorating your party area as a garden. Use light-green tablecloths to cover food tables. Hang paper lanterns in a variety of light colors. Placing potted plants, both flowers and greenery, around the area will enhance the garden look. Place little toy dragonflies on the leaves of green plants. Drape some light and airy white tulle or lace around the party area to create elegance. Hanging greenery with the tulle adds to the garden effect.

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