Downhill Skiing Near Duluth, MN

by Jay Leone

Duluth is situated in the northeastern portion of Minnesota at the westernmost point of Lake Superior. The city of Duluth borders Wisconsin on the east side of Minnesota. This area receives a lot of snowfall in the winter months. Many ski resorts in the area produce their own artificial snow but they all take advantage of the high volume of natural winter snowfall received on a regular basis.


Spirit Mountain (, Eagle Ridge Resort ( at the Lutsen Mountains and the Mont Du Lac Recreation Center ( are just three locations that offer downhill skiing in the Duluth, Minnesota area. Spirit Mountain offers a total of 22 downhill runs. Eagle Ridge Resort patrons have access to the Lutsen Mountain's 92 ski runs. Mont Du Lac Recreation Center is situated on 393 acres of land and features eight ski runs and a lighting system that allows for night skiing.

Skiing Lessons

Most downhill ski facilities in the Duluth area employ professional ski instructors to provide lessons for the novice skier. American Association of Snowboard Instructors (AASI) and Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) certified instructors are available to help beginner skiers learn how to navigate the slopes at Spirit Mountain. Private as well as group skiing lessons are available at this facility. At the Mont Du Lac Recreation Center, visitors can also enter programs that instruct adults and children how to downhill ski. Visitors can participate in private, semi-private and group skiing lessons.


Downhill skiing requires a list of equipment including a pair of poles, a pair of skis and boots designed for skiing. Most ski facilities provide rental equipment for visitor at a rate that can vary dramatically from location to location. Spirit Mountain and Mont Du Lac Recreation center both provide rental equipment such as skis, boots and poles. Many ski facilities such as Mont Du Lac also offer helmet rental.

Ski Safety

Following certain safety measures can greatly decrease the risk of injury while downhill skiing near Duluth. Skiing can be a strenuous activity; being in good physical shape before downhill skiing helps prevent fatigue while on the slopes. Wearing a helmet while downhill skiing helps prevent head injury in a collision. Temperatures can change dramatically from one part of the day to the next near Duluth. Skiers should dress in layers that can be shed to deal with temperature changes.