Double Trouble Birthday Party Ideas

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Twins share much more than the same birthday.

Twins share much more than the same birthday.

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Celebrating twins is extra special when each child or adult is acknowledged and honored separately. Doing so is possible during one birthday party; the host simply must take each twin's likes and personality into consideration. Whether the party is for a twin boy and girl, twin adults or identical twins, guests can count on attending an enjoyable birthday party with double the excitement.

Celebrate Individuality

A crucial part of a successful twin birthday party is the guest list. Allow each twin to invite who she wants. If a person is not friends with both twins, it is still OK to invite that person. None of the guests have to know both twins or bring a gift for both. Each twin should be able to have his own cake, unless the pair really wants the same one. Because the twins are celebrating at one party, it is important to weave their individual tastes throughout, such as with decorations, invitations and games.

Opposites Party

Some twins are quite opposite, and having a party that represents their individuality is enjoyable for both twins and the guests. The party can revolve around pairs of things that are different: bugs and flowers, or two opposite favorite colors, such as pale pink and black, for example. Throw a sugar-and-spice party for two girls if one is particularly feminine and the other one is sporty. The party can be a mixture of themes: frilly, pink decorations, china teacups and a nail-pampering station in conjunction with temporary tattoos, relay races and drinks in mugs, for example. The front of the invitation portrays the feeling of one kind of party, only to reveal something different on the inside. The more contrast in this type of twin party, the better it will be.

Character-Themed Party

Toddlers enjoy a character-themed birthday party. To make this specific to a twin party, choose partnered characters: Dora and Diego, Mickey and Minnie Mouse or Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, for example. Purchase paper goods in both characters, feature a combination of color-specific balloons and have each cake depicting a character. Make half the goodie bags fit one character theme and half the other. Each guest can choose which bag she wants on the way out.

Boy and Girl Teens

Throw a teen "double trouble," boy-and-girl birthday party that is teenager related. Have guests dress as a pair, such as a cheerleader and a football player, bride and groom or milk and cookies, for example. Or, suggest one costume for each gender: boys come as pirates and girls dress as princesses. Another idea is to have an "Opposites Attract" theme, in which the guests dress up as opposites, such as a dog and a cat, a police officer and a bank robber, or a president and a slacker.

Adults and Celebrity Twins

Get creative with an adult "double trouble" birthday party. Invitations can have pictures of both twins on the front, enjoying an exciting adventure together or featuring separate interests. The wording can be "Double the Love, Double the Fun" or "Twice the Sweetness." Ask friends to come as a celebrity pair, such as Hugh Hefner and a "Playboy" Playmate, or adult twins, such as Hollywood moguls Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Serve appetizers that come in pairs, such as celery and peanut butter and chips and salsa. In addition, make each first drink a "double" upon guests' arrival.

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