Door Prize Ideas for an Informal Party

by Crystal Bonser
Alcohol is a suitable door prize for most types of parties.

Alcohol is a suitable door prize for most types of parties.

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Informal parties are laid back. Examples include potluck dinners where each guest brings a dish, backyard barbecues with food served on disposable plates and casual celebrations for which guests dress comfortably. If you plan on hosting an informal party of your own and want to add a little excitement, then hold a raffle or organize an icebreaker game with a door prize awarded to the winner. Since the party is informal, the prize should be as well.

Cooler chair

A cooler chair is a great door prize if your guest list is made up of mostly beer lovers, sport fanatics and people who love the great outdoors. Some cooler chairs consist of a full-size folding chair with a cooler built in under the seat. Others are predominately coolers but have a collapsible seat built onto the top. In some models, the seat is so well concealed that you would never know it was there unless it was pulled out. The cost of cooler chairs vary widely but many models can be found for between $20 and $40.


Alcohol can make a great door prize, but it's important to consider your guests before making a purchase. For example, if your party is made up of mostly beer-drinking men, a mini keg or a case of 24 beers is appropriate. If your guests have more refined tastes, a bottle of wine might be a better choice. If your crowd is very diverse, a liquor gift set that consists of shot glasses or a bottle opener is a safe choice, and if your guests consist of mostly women, consider putting together cocktail kits with a shaker and mix. To choose a prize suitable for an informal party, don't splurge on expensive brands; look for bottles or kits in bright colors or fun packaging.

Basket of Homemade Goodies

Homemade gifts make thoughtful prizes for informal parties. A basket of homemade goodies could consist of doughnuts, cookies, pastries, cupcakes, muffins, brownies, fudge, rice crispy squares and/or candy. You can wrap the goodies in transparent cellophane or place them in boxes or tins before putting them in the basket. For an added touch, consider making a recipe book consisting of all the recipes for the goodies in the basket.

Gift Certificate

When it comes to door prizes, you can't lose with gift certificates. You can buy them from places such as restaurants, movie theaters, department stores, bowling halls, museums, amusement parks, nail salons and spas. Alternatively, you can purchase a prepaid credit card that can be used anywhere that credit cards are accepted. To keep it informal, choose a gift certificate for a fun location, and don't spend more than $40.

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