Door Prize Ideas for High School Reunions

by Jaime Swanson

High school reunions are held every five or 10 years with the purpose of getting back together with old friends and catching up on the time that's passed. When you're in charge of planning the reunion, the gauntlet falls on you to make sure your former classmates have fun and don't get bored. Consider giving away door prizes throughout the evening to keep everyone's interest.

Most Likely To ...

Dig out your yearbooks and find the page that lists superlatives your class may have given to each other. Who was the most likely to become a politician? Did she? Who was the most likely to act in Hollywood or on Broadway? Did he? Create a multiple choice test for your guests to fill out upon registration. Tally up the results during the early part of the reunion and announce the winners toward the end of the night -- give door prizes to the person who has the most correct answers as well as to the people who lived up to their superlatives. Gifts should be related to each person or to your time in high school, such as period music albums or movies, or political propaganda from the time.

Least Changed

Take a poll throughout the night by asking each of your former classmates who they think is the person who has changed the least. Is it the quarterback of the football team? Has he gone on to play or coach football at other levels or schools? What about the captain of the scholastic bowl team? Has she used her brainpower to excel at medical research? Whoever the class agrees is the person who has changed so little it hurts is the one to get the prize: a letter meant for a letterman's jacket! Other gear in your high school colors can be given away, too. The goal is to give them something that makes them feel like they're back in high school.

Most Accomplished

Everyone who attends their high school reunion is apprehensive about what they've accomplished in the time since graduation. Have anyone who is willing stand up and explain his or her accomplishments to the entire reunion; after everyone who wants to share tells their stories, have reunion-goers vote on who they think has, in fact, accomplished the most since high school. Give away trophies or plaques modeled after those given away in high school; be sure to include the high school crest and the school colors.

Prizes for Everyone

Door prizes don't have to be just for the people who've changed the least, accomplished the most or lived up to their superlatives. Everyone attending a high school reunion should get a door prize just for showing up. Put together goody bags for each person attending the reunion. Include pens and pencils in your high school colors; notebooks with the mascot on the front; bags of candies in your school colors; and coffee mugs or T-shirts stamped with your school's name and a picture of the mascot, or with the school's motto written out.

About the Author

Jaime Swanson started working as a journalist in 2001. She has written and edited for newspapers in northern Illinois, including the "Daily Southtown" and the "Daily Herald," both in suburban Chicago. Swanson holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Northern Illinois University.