Dominican Parades in New York City

by Ian Farquharson
The National Dominican Day Parade is one of the largest celebrations in New York.

The National Dominican Day Parade is one of the largest celebrations in New York.

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A 2010 report by the Center for Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies showed that the number of Dominicans in New York City had reached around 585,000 by 2008. This large population celebrates its roots each year at Dominican parades and festivals, with these taking place in various locations around the city.

National Dominican Day Parade

The history of the National Dominican Day Parade ( dates back to the early 1980s, when the Dominican community in New York staged small celebrations to celebrate their culture. The celebrations have grown since this time, with the parade in Manhattan now one of the largest events taking place in New York each year. Thousands of participants, and hundreds of thousands of spectators turn out. The parade involves floats, marching bands, Dominican organizations and other performers taking part in a procession along Sixth Avenue from 36th to 54th Street.

Bronx Dominican Parade

The Bronx Dominican Parade (, organized by "La Gran Parada Dominicana del Bronx," takes place in July. This event dates back to the late 1980s, when Felipe Febles founded the organization responsible for the parade. Each year, floats, bands, dancers, and other performers celebrating Dominican culture and heritage make their way along the Grand Concourse in the Bronx. The parade runs from East Tremont Avenue to East 167th Street.

Brooklyn Dominican Parade

The borough of Brooklyn has staged a Dominican parade since the early 1990s. The Brooklyn Dominican Festival ( takes place in August, and includes a number of events to celebrate Dominican and Latino culture. The parade features decorative floats, performers in traditional costume and local residents, who make their way along Graham Avenue from Grand Street to Debevoise Avenue.

Queens Dominican Parade

The Dominican residents of Queens have their own cultural celebration each year, with the Queens Dominican Parade typically taking place in early October. One of the newer celebrations in New York, it began in 2008, and involves a full day of events celebrating Dominican culture. The parade takes place on Northern Boulevard, with local residents, floats and performers in the procession from 69th to 88th Street.

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