Do-It-Yourself Table Centerpieces for a 50th Birthday Party

by Tamiya King

A 50th birthday is an ideal time for your loved one to look back on her accomplishments, while looking forward to all the wonderful experiences life will bring. Gold is often the symbol associated with the 50th birthday, as the metal is timeless and beautiful. If you're in charge of planning a family member's 50th birthday celebration, create a thoughtful and attractive centerpiece that the guest of honor will appreciate just as much as the party itself.

Items you will need

  • Picture frames
  • Gold vases
  • Small bowls
  • Mini balloons
  • Candies
  • Flowers
  • Peace sign medallions
Step 1

Find a few pictures of the guest of honor to use as table centerpieces. For instance, use your loved one's baby picture, his high school or college graduation photo, and a picture of him from his wedding to represent various milestones in his life. Scan the photos to the size you want, and place them in gold frames to adorn the centers of each table at the party.

Step 2

Place gold vases next to the framed picture for more festive 50th birthday decor. Fill the vase by blowing up mini gold-colored balloons and placing them inside to resemble a flower bouquet. You can even add other metallic shades that the guest of honor likes, such as bronze or silver, for a centerpiece with an elegant yet upbeat theme. You can accent the cluster of balloons by placing some synthetic blooms spray-painted in gold in the vase as well.

Step 3

Create a circle of mini bowls to place around the vase and frame in the center of the table. Fill the bowls with the guest of honor's favorite candy as a child, such as classic 1960s treats like Sugar Daddies or Bazooka Joe bubble gum. Or fill the bowls with mini chocolate bars wrapped in gold paper to keep the 50th birthday theme consistent.

Step 4

Use one of the bowls to house small peace-sign medallions or key chains with the iconic '60s flower design if your loved one wants a birthday celebration that features symbols from the decade he was born. This adds more texture to the centerpiece decor and the items double as party favors.