Dodgeball Arenas in California

by Crystal Vogt
Dodgeball is usually played with a red rubber ball.

Dodgeball is usually played with a red rubber ball.

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Dodgeball is a game consisting of two teams that try to eliminate opposing members by touching them with a thrown ball. The sport is usually played by elementary school-aged children, but has grown in popularity with older teens and adults. Dodgeball leagues have cropped up across the United States, and many competitions are played in dodgeball arenas. For those in California that want to play for fun, there are dodgeball arenas located throughout the state.

Sky High Sports

Sky High Sports, ( located about 60 miles south of San Francisco in Santa Clara, California, is a warehouse-sized venue with trampoline walls and floors. Sky High boasts that it has "redefined" dodgeball in that the game is played on the venue's trampoline floors, making it easy to "air attack," "bounce" and "twist and dodge" with the extra spring in your step. Sky High Sports holds monthly dodgeball tournaments that cost $60 per team of six, as of 2011.

Great Jump Arena

Like Sky High Sports, Great Jump Arena ( also offers a trampoline floor for customers to play dodgeball on. Great Jump Arena is located in Milpitas, California, and routinely holds "fast-paced, competitive and intense" trampoline dodgeball classes. To play, you can either come alone or with friends and join one of Great Jump Arena's pickup games, or form a team to compete in a Great Jump dodgeball tournament. The cost, as of 2011 is $54 per team of six, and prizes are given to the first-place team.

La Mesa Indoor Soccer Arena

La Mesa Indoor Soccer Arena ( is located in La Mesa, California, near San Diego. The venue is mostly used for indoor soccer classes and tournaments, but also hosts other sports, such as indoor field hockey and dodgeball in the facility. For example, tournaments, such as the United Dodgeball Open are regularly held at the arena. Individuals can play games of pickup dodgeball or form teams to compete in private tournaments.

Upland Sports Arena

Upland Sports Arena ( is located in Upland, California, near Los Angeles. The venue is used for various indoor athletic activities such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, yoga and dodgeball. Upland Sports Arena is a 66,000 square foot complex and offers indoor synthetic grass fields, youth programs, competitive adult sporting leagues, and hourly field rentals for corporate events. The facility can also be rented out for birthday parties, and encourages themed sports celebrations such as soccer, football or dodgeball birthday parties.

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