DIY Drum Set Cover

by Ryan Fergerson
Protect that shiny finish with a homemade drum kit cover.

Protect that shiny finish with a homemade drum kit cover.

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Drum set covers provide lasting protection from dust, pet hair and a number of other threats. Pre-made drum kit covers are available for sale online, but making your own saves you money and takes only a small amount of your time and effort to complete. A simple king-size bed sheet will work fine, but a piece of nylon will last longer and help protect your drums from water damage.

Items you will need

  • King-size flat sheet or large piece of nylon/canvas
  • 4 fishing weights or sand bags
  • Cable ties or needle and thread
  • Rubber cement
Step 1

Purchase or obtain a king-size flat sheet or large piece of nylon/canvas. It should be at least 80" x 108".

Step 2

Cut a very small hole in each of the four corners. Insert cable ties and securely hang fishing weights, small sand bags or something similar from the sheet's corners. You can also use a needle and thread to sew weights into the corners for a more professional look.

Step 3

Apply a small amount of rubber cement along the outside of the holes you created. This will reinforce the holes and keep them from becoming larger or ripped.

Step 4

Lay the drum kit cover over your drums. This will protect them from dust and the elements and help keep them new and shiny.

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