A DIY Bigfoot Costume

by Larry Davis

Bigfoot, also commonly known as Sasquatch, is a hairy creature that resembles an ape yet is much larger. The creature, which walks upright, has been reported as being about 8 or 9 feet tall, with large hands and feet. Although reportedly spotted all over the world, experts and the public aren't convinced the creature exists. Ensure a Bigfoot sighting by putting together a homemade costume to fit your size and comfort level. Even children can pull off a simple Bigfoot costume.

Items you will need

  • Used faux-fur coat
  • Dark pants
  • Towels (optional)
  • Ape mask
  • Dark wig
  • Scissors
  • Hair spray
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft fur
  • Dark socks and shoes
  • Slippers (optional)
  • Bear-feet slippers (optional)
  • Gloves
  • Cotton stuffing (optional)
  • Sweatshirt
  • Sweat pants
  • Hooded sweatshirt (optional)
  • Hat with ski mask
  • Face paint (optional)
  • Stocking cap (optional)

Furry Costume

Step 1

Put the faux fur coat on backward if you do not wish the buttons to show, placing a folded towel on top of each shoulder to make them look fuller. Wear dark-colored pants that closely match the coat.

Step 2

Wear an ape-like mask, either one that covers your entire head or just a face mask.

Step 3

Cut the wig so it looks shaggy. Apply hair spray to arrange the wig to look more wild. Wear the wig so much of the hair fits over your neck and blends in with the coat.

Step 4

Attach strips of dark-colored craft fur on large shoes or slippers with hot glue. Consider a pair of bear-feet slippers or similar furry slippers if you don't want to make your own. Wear dark socks with the slippers to have a continuous dark look from head to toe.

Step 5

Put on furry gloves or cotton gloves with strips of craft fur glued one. Pull the coat sleeves down to cover your wrists. Wear oversized gloves and stuff them with cotton stuffing for a fuller look.

Simple Costume

Step 1

Turn a dark-colored sweatshirt and matching pants inside out so it looks fuzzier, and put them on. Wear a hooded sweatshirt to avoid needing a wig or other hair covering.

Step 2

Put on a solid-colored hat with a ski mask or an ape-face-printed knit hat to cover your face.

Step 3

Put on dark gloves, plain or furry, and wear dark socks and slippers. Consider pulling oversized dark socks over shoes for an alternative.

Tips & Warnings

  • Choose an oversized, waist-length, dark-colord used faux fur coat.
  • Consider face paint instead of a mask to accommodate eating and drinking at a party.
  • Remember the term Bigfoot calls for big feet; try to obtain that look with too-large slippers or shoes. Stuff the footwear with cotton or extra socks to help keep them on.

About the Author

Larry Davis has worked in the safety and environmental field since 1975, writing for "Chevron Review" and other professional magazines. He wrote monthly columns for "Heavy Equipment News" and has written safety programs and training materials. He holds two bachelor's degrees, a master's degree in safety and earned his doctorate in safety engineering, studying under professors from the University of Iowa and Texas A&M University.