Divorce-Party Ideas

by Sky Martin
There are many stylish ways to say goodbye to a marriage.

There are many stylish ways to say goodbye to a marriage.

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For most people, a divorce is a period in life filled with feelings of pain, vulnerability, regret, resentment and depression. If you have a friend who has just finished the proceedings of a divorce, throw a celebration in her honor. A divorce party can help a friend acknowledge that her marriage is over and gain a sense of closure after such a difficult experience. Show a new divorcee that life goes on with a fabulous divorce party.

Types of Party

Depending on your friend's current mindset, there are a variety of celebrations to consider. For example, if the divorcee is excited about playing the field again, take her to a singles bar and have a night of cocktails. Or, she may want a loud singles bash at home with an X-rated cake. Some divorcees prefer an outside barbecue or bonfire. If she wants a somber party, stage a mock funeral for her marriage. Regardless of the celebration you decide on, the party will help heal the divorcee and give her a sense that there are better days ahead.


There are various ways to create a divorce-party atmosphere. Place a banner that says "Forget About Him," "Kiss the Married Life Goodbye," "Single Once Again" or "Happy and Available" in a prominent place. If it's a mock funeral, use black party streamers, black balloons and black dinnerware but liven up the somber tone with a touch of hot pink, lime green or neon blue. Or, focus on positive thoughts and energy by only using bright colors throughout your party décor and skipping any dark colors.


Some divorce parties have ceremonies to help the divorcee bury the past. One suggestion is to place the wedding ring in a small wedding-ring coffin. The divorcee gives a eulogy about the marriage and reflects on her emotions. Some divorcees will go as far as to bury the miniature coffin. Another option is to burn the marriage license, wedding dress or wedding photos. Yet another is to write divorce vows in which the divorcee acknowledges the good aspects of the marriage and lets go of the negative.

Divorce Cakes

Everyone knows that a cake is a large aspect in wedding planning. As such, the ending of a marriage calls for a divorce cake just as beautiful. A divorce cake is similar in appearance to a wedding cake with several cake tiers. Some possibilities for a divorce cake include a lopsided wedding cake. Another option is to have a cake topper with just the bride. Some cakes have the bride and groom cake toppers separated at the top, standing far away from each other with their backs turned to one another.

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