Diving Underwater in New York

by Sara Rajan
Visitors can scuba dive off the coast of New York.

Visitors can scuba dive off the coast of New York.

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For many visitors, coming to New York might mean an excursion to the city, Central Park or a trip to a Broadway show; however, there is more to New York than just city lights and musical entertainment. Along the southern coast of New York and the eastern shore of New Jersey, you can take an underwater diving excursion. Whether you are interested in viewing marine life or old shipwrecks, there are a few places that offer scuba diving training so you can enjoy New York underwater.

Kings County Divers

Kings County Divers (kcdivers.com/) offers certification programs in both beginning and advanced courses. Open water courses, which last an entire day, are usually conducted at diving resorts in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Long Island. Once you have completed the initial courses, you will automatically become a member of the alumni club and will be a welcome participant in future events and diving trips.

Pan Aqua Diving

Pan Aqua Diving (panaqua.com/training.html), located in Manhattan, is both a dive facilities store and training center. Pan Aqua uses the PADI system (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) of diver education and offers several courses of training, such as open water diver, advanced open water diver and rescue diver. Pan Aqua also allows its students to participate in adventure dives in order to expand diving skills. The adventure dives include night diving, wreck diving and dry suit diving.

Village Divers

At Village Divers (villagedivers.com) students can study diving at home with a textbook and take the open-book exam, a 6- to 8-hour process. One academic class, pool practices and open-water diving are required before obtaining a diving certificate. Once you have earned your diving certificate, you can check out local diving areas south of Long Island and east of New Jersey, which is known for its multitude of shipwrecks. Technical diving classes are also offered, including advanced wreck, which provides experience in properly conducting wreck dives, and Recreational TriMix, an introduction to the use of helium in a breathing mask.

Empire Divers

Empire Divers (empiredivers.com) offers certifications from PADI training to continuing diving education, such as photography and deep diving. Empire Divers offers training in open water, where many students choose to do these classes in the local area, advanced open-water training and rescue diving training. Not only are diving excursions done near New York City, but also in Florida and the Caribbean as well.

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