Disney Princess Ideas for a Girl's Room

by Kimberly Turtenwald
A special dress-up area would be a welcome addition to your princess-obsessed daughter's bedroom.

A special dress-up area would be a welcome addition to your princess-obsessed daughter's bedroom.

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Some young girls idolize the Disney princesses and want to be just like them when they grow up. To these little girls, Disney princesses have it all --- beautiful dresses, tiaras, a castle and even a prince! If your daughter loves the Disney princesses, transform her room into a Disney princess-themed hideaway where she can pretend to be a princess and dream about her future.

Colored Theme

If you want your little girl's bedroom to serve her for many years --- even beyond her Disney princess obsession --- focus on creating a color-themed room. Each of the Disney princesses has her own color scheme. For instance, Cinderella's color is light blue; Snow White uses red, yellow and blue; Belle uses yellow; Jasmine is often seen in jade, deep purple and gold tones; and Tiana wears light purple and light green. Paint the walls according to your daughter's favorite princess's color and purchase matching bedding. Hang posters of the princess on the wall to complete the room; these can be purchased from poster retailers online. If your daughter changes her favorite princess as she grows, you can simply change the posters out and leave the wall colors.


If you or someone you know is a talented painter, create a mural on your young girl's wall to fit in her Disney princess room. Each Disney princess has her own living environment. Paint a scene suitable for the preferred princess. Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty both have elaborate castles; Snow White lives in a small cottage in the woods surrounded by animals; Ariel requires an underwater kingdom. If you can't do the mural or don't know someone who can make it for you, purchase wall stickers or wallpaper to create a similar effect.


Furniture that has a feminine look serves well in a princess-themed bedroom and can be used beyond the princess infatuation. White and pink are ideal colors for the furniture, though any wood color works as well. A canopy bed gives a true princess feel to the room. If there is more room in your child's room for additional furniture, purchase or paint a toy box, small table with chairs or a child-sized vanity to match the theme.


Whether you choose a color theme, paint a mural on the wall or use wallpaper, accessories can add the perfect touches to finish off a princess-themed room. Purchase throw pillows featuring your little girl's favorite princesses to keep on her bed when she's not sleeping in it. If you don't have a canopy bed for your daughter, make or buy a bed canopy to hang from the ceiling. The tulle fabric hangs down over your little girl's bed and can be tied back while she sleeps. A princess-themed lamp, knickknacks, picture frames and dolls all help to accent the room and give it a Disney princess feel.

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