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Many of Orlando's discount hotels lie near the downtown district.

Many of Orlando's discount hotels lie near the downtown district.

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Renowned as a top tourist destination, the city of Orlando welcomes millions of travelers every year with more than 25,000 hotels and lodging facilities. Visitors looking for discounted lodging rates can enjoy a number of amenities at budget rates, but should perform some research on the property to ensure safety and easy access to area attractions.


As the second most popular tourist destination in the United States, according to the travel website Orlando Escape, the greater Orlando area had more than 25,000 lodging facilities as of November 2010. This figure includes a number of discount lodging facilities like hotels, motels, inns and villas. In some cases, local residents rent out private homes and condominium units at discount rates, and a number of local residents own investment properties in the area of Orlando’s most popular attractions.


Despite their lower rates, many discount lodging facilities in the Orlando area offer a number of popular amenities. The Orlando travel website Orlando Vacation took a survey of travelers’ most desired services, and visitors identified features like free breakfast, airport and attraction shuttles, in-room coffee makers and exercise facilities. In a bid to boost guest satisfaction and land a greater portion of Orlando’s robust tourism industry, many discount properties quickly added these services.

Seasonal Rates

Travelers looking for a bargain on Orlando lodging may consider traveling in the traditional tourism off-season. Visitors who arrive in the winter months, and especially January and February according to Orlando Escape, can find significant reductions on lodging prices. Although winter months in northern states often deter travel with frigid temperatures and treacherous driving conditions, daily high temperatures in the Orlando area frequently reach into the 70s at this time of year. This break from the area’s brutal summertime heat can make the area very desirable during the winter months, and the absence of children who flood Orlando’s attractions in droves during summer vacation can also leave adult travelers feeling somewhat more relaxed.


Many visitors to Orlando associate Central Florida with its main attractions like Disney World, International Drive and Universal Studios. These parks attract large numbers of tourists, and hoteliers in the area charge correspondingly high rates. As a result, visitors can find many of Orlando’s discount lodging properties closer to the downtown district and in the city’s numerous suburbs. Heavy traffic between the attractions and downtown Orlando can lead to long commute times, though, so some visitors may prefer to stay in the nearby towns of Kissimmee and Saint Cloud to get discounted rates without lengthy travel times.


Although Orlando has earned a reputation as a safe and family-friendly travel destination, the city is not without its undesirable areas. According to a November 2010 report in the Orlando Sentinel, the City Beautiful ranks as the 49th most dangerous city in the United States, and some of the most heavily discounted lodging facilities lie in areas plagued by drugs, prostitution and violent crime. Visitors unfamiliar with the area should consider calling the discount lodging facility’s front desk to inquire about the property’s safety features and general location.

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