Disco-Themed Party Ideas

by Nick Mann
A disco ball will give the party an authentic retro feel.

A disco ball will give the party an authentic retro feel.

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Going retro with a disco theme is a popular party idea that is almost guaranteed to be a hit. It's a way to connect with the past and celebrate the former glory days of disco. Before sending out invitations, it's important to properly plan the party to ensure that it's a success. Finding appropriate decorations, selecting the right music and having food and drinks should make the event a fun celebration.

Disco Ball

A disco ball is perhaps the most important prop for any serious disco party. It's usually best to hang the disco ball directly over the center of the dance floor so that it can illuminate the entire area. They can be purchased or rented in a variety of styles and sizes to fit most budgets. In addition, lava lamps usually work well for giving a party a '70s vibe.

Retro Clothing

Tell your guests to come to your disco party wearing '70s clothing. Some ideas could be bell bottom pants, polyester suits and shirts with wide collars. Also platform shoes and go-go boots make for disco-worthy footwear. Often, you can find this type of clothing for a reasonable price at thrift stores. You can also find online catalogs that cater to '70s-style clothing.


Having the right hair style is another vital component of a disco party. Afro wigs are probably the most popular style for both men and women. Also a flip wig with a feathered '70s look works great for women.


To stay true to disco, it's extremely important to select the right music for your party. You can either select the soundtrack yourself or encourage guests to bring their own music. For optimum results, it's best to stick with music from the '70s. Bands such as the Bee Gees and KC and the Sunshine Band always work well. Also the "Saturday Night Fever" soundtrack is appropriate. A karaoke machine is an additional option that can provide an added element of fun.

Food and Drinks

Providing cocktails, mixed drinks and snacks is another way to keep your guests happy. Daiquiris and tequila sunrises are popular disco-era drinks. Some snack ideas include pizza, potato chips and mixed nuts.

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