Dirt Bike Track Layouts for Beginners

by Rebecca Mayglothling
Beginners need to work up to jumps of this height.

Beginners need to work up to jumps of this height.

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A great dirt bike track for beginners is a track they have built themselves, as these tracks are adjustable and changeable in accord with the growing skill of the biker. When a home-built track is not possible, dirt bikers find other resources, such as dirt bike parks, which provide beginner tracks with features that make learning the sport easy.

Ground Layout

The ground layout for the track will be flat with slight bumps or hills. Beginners need to become familiar with the bike and the rough riding style before attempting tricks or jumps. A flatter, natural ground layout will help a beginner learn simple tricks before attempting to tackle bigger jumps and turns.

Hill Size

The hills on the beginner track should be small dirt or rock piles that propel the bike no higher than 4 feet into the air. This air distance is sufficient for a beginner to get a feel for jumps and how to land them. A dirt bike rider needs to learn to land a jump before attempting air turns or high jumps. Beginner hills, with their low height and thus limited propulsion into the air, will help the beginner learn landing skills.

Twists and Turns

The twists and turns on a beginner track are basic and wide. Usually there are only two turns, placed on each end of the oblong straight track. Beginner track turns are wide to help a beginning biker learn how to turn the wheel without grabbing gravel and falling over. A dirt bike rider will tackle tighter turns on intermediate and expert tracks.

Improving with Practice

A beginning dirt bike track layout is built for practice. The dirt and gravel get dug up due to mistakes, and the hills wear down through consistent wear. The turns wear faster than the straights due to beginners misjudging speed and digging up gravel through wipeouts. Although a beginner dirt bike track takes a healthy beating, but since the layout is simple, the track is also easily rebuilt and adjusted for skill level.

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