Dirt Bike Birthday Party Theme

by Erin Ringwald
Create a party theme centered around the sport of dirt biking.

Create a party theme centered around the sport of dirt biking.

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Choose a dirt bike-themed party for the guest of honor who competes regularly, rides for fun or just enjoys watching them. Knowing a few ideas lets you design themed invitations, decorations, activities and even a cake that meets your own party needs.


Design invitations to announce the theme to the party guests. Use a piece of black and white checkered fabric to create a checkered flag. Cut a piece of fabric into a 4-by-6-inch rectangle. Cut a second piece of 4-by-6-inch white fabric. Sew the two pieces together using a sewing machine. On the white side of the fabric, write the party details. Then, insert the finished invitation into an envelope. Another idea is to use a photograph of a dirt bike. Either take your own photograph or use an existing photo from a free photo-sharing site. Write your party information on the back, like a postcard, and mail it.


Continue the checkered flag theme when decorating for your party. Use a black and white check tablecloth on food tables. Tie black and white balloons together and hang them around the party area. If you have access to a dirt bike, place it in the venue, as well. When choosing party plates, napkins and cups, either use black and white for the checkered flag look or the color of the guest of honor's dirt bike.


Adding activities to a party helps control the party's flow. If the guests are younger, making their own dirt bike license plates allows them to create something with their hands. Cut pieces of poster board into 6-by-12-inch rectangles. Give the guests markers and stickers to decorate the license plates. Fold older guests, create an obstacle course outside, such as cones to weave through and a ramp to drive up. Give each guest the opportunity to run the obstacle course on a bike. The fastest time wins.


Finish the party with a dirt bike-themed cake. Create a sheet cake and cover it in brown fondant. Pipe green grass around the outside of the cake to create a brown track in the center. Create dirt by crushing up graham crackers and sprinkling it over the track. Place checkered flags around the track. Add toy dirt bikes on the cake to finish it. Another idea is to stack several cakes on top of one another. Then, using a serrated knife, carve the cake into the shape of a dirt bike helmet. Decorate the cake with fondant or butter cream frosting to look like the guest of honor's helmet.

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