Directions for Partner Dodgeball

by Shelby Winchell
Play dodgeball with a partner.

Play dodgeball with a partner.

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You play partner dodgeball, a variation of the traditional, physical game that involves ducking and dodging, with four people -- two players per team. Dodgeball remains popular in physical education classes and you can play it as an adult game, too. Players throw dodgeballs and try to hit players on the opposite team without getting hit themselves. The first team to get both opponents out wins the game.

Step 1

Set up a rectangular playing court. It should cover an area at least 50 feet long and 30 feet wide. Draw a line down the center of the court, perpendicular to the 30 foot side. Draw an attack line on both sides of the center line. Each line should be parallel to the center line and about three feet away from it.

Step 2

Place an even number of dodgeballs on the center line of the court. The official rules say to use six balls but for partner dodgeball with four players, six balls may be too many. You can alter the rules if you want as long as the teams get the same number of balls.

Step 3

Pick teams of two and have each team move to opposite ends of the court. The game starts when the official gives a signal, like blowing a whistle.

Step 4

Run and retrieve your team's balls on the center line then move behind the attack line.

Step 5

Throw the dodgeball at a player on the opposing team. Balls must be thrown below the shoulders and always on or behind the attack line.

Step 6

Dodge the balls thrown at you, or try to catch live balls thrown at you or your partner. If you get hit by a ball without catching it, you must leave the court.

Step 7

Play until there only one person remains. The team with both players out loses.

Tips & Warnings

  • Players must stay within the boundaries during the game. The rules allow each team one 30-second timeout during the game.
  • Play the game using a dodgeball or a rubber coated soft ball. Using a hard ball, like a basketball, could result in injury.

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