How to Dip a Girl in Dancing

by Todd Bowerman
A successful dip can be quite impressive.

A successful dip can be quite impressive.

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Dipping a lady is a fundamental dance move that even beginning dancers can learn to master. A basic dip looks graceful and is relatively simple to execute. If you are planning to dance in the near future, either at a wedding, reunion or other social event, it is a good idea to practice a dip beforehand with a friend or family member. A successful dip shows your skill as a dancer, while an unsuccessful dip can end with your date on the floor and more than a little embarrassment.

Step 1

Place your right hand on the upper back of your partner. You'll use this hand to support her weight. If you are left-handed, use your left hand.

Step 2

Hold your partner's right hand with your left hand. This gives your partner something to hang onto while she dips. If you are left-handed, use your right hand.

Step 3

Bring one leg forward forward to help you maintain balance and bend your knee as you begin to dip your partner.

Step 4

Lower your partner gently backwards. Bend forward slightly, keeping your back straight. Do not bend forward over your partner, as you may lose your balance and fall.

Step 5

Raise your partner back up to a standing position.

Tips & Warnings

  • Read your partner for signs regarding her willingness to dip. If you place your hand on her upper back and she starts to tense, she probably does not feel comfortable executing the move and it would be best not to continue.

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