Different Ways to Set Up for a Birthday Party

by Brenda Priddy
There are many set-up options for birthday parties.

There are many set-up options for birthday parties.

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Choosing a set up for a birthday party is a difficult decision.The set-up impacts how the party flows, whether people see and participate in all the activities and the entire tone of the event. Before starting the party it is important to choose a set-up that works with the age of the guests and the activities and food provided for the party. Choose a set-up that also works with the given location to prevent birthday disasters.

Traditional Tables

Many birthday parties work best with a traditional table system in play. These birthday party set-ups have one table for the food and cake items, one table for gifts and party favors and other tables for guests to sit at. Depending on the activities at the party, games and crafts also work well at tables. This arrangement works well in restaurants and areas with limited walking space, but plenty of table room. If you do not own many tables, this set up may not be the best one for your party.


Another way to set up a birthday party is to have party stations. Different stations contain the different activities of the party without the traditional guest table set up. Have one station for the cake, one for presents, one for games, one for crafts and one for food items. This station system works well for larger parties, where not all guests want to interact with every item at the same time. Have an adult run each of the stations throughout the party, then gather the entire party together for cake and present time.

Large Room

In a large, open room, there is more flexibility for how to set up the party. Use the traditional table method, the station method or set up activities around the walls of the room. If you choose to set up the activities around the perimeter, then you still have a large open space in the middle which is perfect for active games, such as relay races or tug of war.


Setting up a party outdoors largely depends on the accommodations of the area. If the area has a picnic space, then most of the party items and activities can take place there. If the outdoor area is mostly grass or some other open area, then you may have to bring your own equipment, such as tables, chairs and tents, to set up. Outdoor environments work well with low-key parties that can use a variety of different set ups. Try positioning all of the party activities in a large open area, with guest tables surrounding the activity stations. You can also set the cake and present tables away from the activities in an outdoor tent or pavilion to avoid overcrowding the activity area.

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