Different Things to Make & Have at a Baby Shower

by Kathryn Walsh
Keep all shower decor a secret from the guest of honor.

Keep all shower decor a secret from the guest of honor.

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Throwing a baby shower is your chance to show your favorite mother-to-be how much you love and appreciate her, and making decorations and favors is one easy way to show her how much you care. If you're not throwing the shower in your own home, visit the shower location before planning any decorations. Take note of the room's color scheme so you can choose decor that won't clash.

Wall Decorations

Hanging colorful banners and signs makes the guest of honor feel, well, honored. If you're on a budget, make signs out of paper. Choose a message to spell out, and cut each letter from colorful paper. Tape the letters to a long piece of string and hang it on the wall. To make your wall decor part of your gift to the mom-to-be, buy her three onesies for the new baby. Place pieces of cardboard inside the outfits to make them hold their shape. Run a length of ribbon through the sleeves of each outfit to create a garland. At the end of the shower, take it down for Mom to keep.

Table Decorations

Each table should have its own centerpiece. Flowers are always an appropriate centerpiece, but personalize them for your honoree. Find out the baby's due date, and use the flowers that symbolize the birth month. Add more color and cheer to the tables by using children's toys. Buy wooden letter blocks, and arrange them on the tables so they spell out "Congratulations, Mommy." After the shower, the guest of honor can take home the toys and save them for when the child grows up.


The mother-to-be should be able to take some personal mementos of the shower home with her. If she's a first-time mother, set out scrapbook paper and pens so guests can write down their best bits of wisdom and slide them into a scrapbook for the guest of honor to keep. If it's not her first child, ask guests to help make a quilt for the new baby. Pass out fabric pens and squares of fabric for each guest to decorate. Have a seamstress sew them together to make a quilt after the shower.


It's customary to give each a guest a party favor at the end of the shower, but these gifts don't need to be hidden away until it's time to say goodbye. Edible favors are always popular. Make cookies in the shape of a baby bottle, and decorate them with the baby's name, if she has one yet. Place one cookie at each place setting for extra color. Another option for a cold-weather shower are warm drinks for guests to take home. Paint mugs or tea cups with the mother's name and the party date, and place tea bags or hot chocolate mix inside.

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