Different Events for a 13-Year-Old Boy's Party

by Erin Schreiner Google

Capturing the attention of 13-year-old boys is key to hosting a successful party. As you plan your next party for potentially finicky teens, think ahead to prevent the relentless cries of "I'm bored," and instead, leave your guests too busy to protest. To ensure that all guests are pleased at your gathering, plan an array of different activities, all of which will likely appeal to the teen males in attendance.

Classic Games

Delight your party guests with an assortment of oldies but goodies by arranging for some classic party games. Plan a three-legged race, tying your otherwise coordinated teens together and having them run across a soft span of grass. Such popular party pastimes will be perfect for your teens as they offer them the opportunity to goof around without making them feel childish.

Board Games

If the boy for whom you are hosting a party is quite the thinker, he may appreciate some board games. Purchase several copies of your 13-year-olds favorite board game and hold a tournament, creating a poster-sized tournament bracket on which to place each of your participants' names; monitor their progress as they move through the competition. For a more diverse board-game option, offer guests an assortment of different games, filling your family room with board games of all varieties and allowing your guests to pick their favorites.

Warm-Weather Fun

If your party is taking place during a warm-weather month, give your party guests a playful way to cool off by arranging water-related activities. Plan a water-balloon or squirt-gun fight, giving each of your attendees a collection of filled balloons or loaded water pistols. Allow the party honoree or a selected group of judges to pick a winner at the battle's end. For an athletic group, plan a wet-and-wild relay race in which you set up obstacles that are made more complicated by sprinklers, kiddie pools and Slip-n-slides.

Scary Story Fun

Many 13-year-old boys appreciate a good scary story or two. If this is true of your teen, make scary stories central to his party. Make the scary-story reading a competitive event, asking guests to come armed with their spookiest tales, and award a prize to the teller who best creeps out the party guests. Or, gather an assortment of scary-story books and set the scene for a fright fest by lighting a campfire and having guests gather to share the ghoulish tales.