The Difference Between Guys & Girls with Party Invites

by Goody Clairenstein

Guys and girls are the same in many respects, but it's no secret that they have their differences, too. If you're preparing to host a party with guests of both genders, you might be wondering about how guys and girls react differently to party invites. Tweak your party invitations to appeal to all your guests, regardless of gender differences.

Receiving an Invitation

One difference between guys and girls is what each group of people tends to expect when invited to a party. Receiving a paper invitation for a party might be accepted and even anticipated by many girls, because they know that they would also send a hard-copy invitation if they were planning a party. Guys tend to have lower expectations surrounding the receipt of an invitation, and may be surprised that a host would take the time to make and send out paper invitations.

Invitation Layout and Design

Whether it's because of individual preference or specific social forces, guys and girls tend to have different aesthetics. Choosing an invitation layout and design with lots of pastel colors, flowers, stickers and rhinestones is more likely to appeal to girls than it is to guys. Gender-neutral invitations with color schemes in primary colors, combined with minimalist formatting characterized by clean lines, are more likely to appeal to everyone on your guest list.

Verbal Party Invitations

Guys and girls can have different approaches to hosting a get-together, whatever the occasion. Guys are more likely to rely on word-of-mouth and verbal invites so that as many people as possible hear about the party and can make plans to come and bring their friends. Verbal party invites also increases the chance that people you don't know will come to your party -- which can be either good or bad, depending on whether you want to host an intimate gathering or an all-night kegger. Girls use formal invitations more frequently than guys do when planning a party and getting the word out, both to limit the guest list and account for each guest so that enough food and drink is available.

Social Networking Invitations

Social networking websites make it very easy to let people know you're hosting a party. You can let everyone on your friends list know, limit your event so that only a few people you choose can see the invite or make it public so that anyone and everyone could come if they wanted. Girls are more likely to limit guest lists on social networking invites, whether they're sent out by private message or posted on a custom event page. This could be for budget reasons, reasons of personal safety or simply because the host wants to spend time with a select group of people. Social networking invites and events created by guys tend to be less formalized and more available to public viewing.

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