Diamond Ring Bridal Shower Invitations

by Blair Foy
Many engaged women are excited to show off their diamond rings.

Many engaged women are excited to show off their diamond rings.

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Aside from the excitement over the dress, the ceremony and all of the details, a newly engaged woman can often find herself being asked the same question over and over, "Can I see your ring?" Celebrate the happiness associated with an engagement ring by creating diamond ring bridal shower invitations for your next pre-nuptial event.

Photo Cards

Allow the bride-to-be to show off her new diamond by using her hand as the subject in a photo card invitation. Take a photograph of her hand adorned with her engagement ring. With either an online photo company or at a retail store, make photo card invitations that can be mailed to your bridal shower guests. When the recipients receive their invite, they will not only have the necessary information for the shower, they will also get a sneak peak at the bride's ring.

Diamond Rings in the Mail

Purchase diamond ring candy suckers such as Ring Pops. You will need a sucker for each invitation you intend to send out. Place the diamond ring sucker along with an invitation to the bridal shower in a small festive gift box. Mail each of the gift boxes out for the invitations to your bridal shower. Incorporate this unique invitation into your bridal shower by asking each of the guests to arrive with their diamond ring sucker and everyone can wear them during the day's events.

Diamond Ring Print

Create your own diamond ring print for a bridal shower invitation that is full of sparkle. Either purchase or make card stock invitations by using rubber stamps that feature a prominent diamond ring. Add extra dazzle by carefully putting clear glue onto the diamond ring print and then sprinkling glitter on the invitation. When the bridal shower invitations are dry, they will sparkle almost as much as the bride-to-be's diamond ring.

Play Diamond Ring Invitations

Add a touch of whimsy to bridal shower invitations by attaching play diamond rings. You can purchase play jewelry and fun ribbon which coordinates with the bride's wedding theme. Tie a loop of ribbon onto each cardstock invitation and tie the novelty diamond ring onto it. Your bridal shower guests can bring the diamond rings to the shower for a game where they add their rings to a giant bowl or bucket of novelty diamonds and attempt to guess how many are in the container.

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