How Do I Determine the Size Straps I Need for My Accordion?

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The piano accordion is the most popular type of accordion.

The piano accordion is the most popular type of accordion.

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Finding the right size straps for your accordion is important to guarantee maximum comfort while you play the instrument. The piano accordion is considered the most popular type of accordion, and it has a piano keyboard on one side and a series of bass buttons on the other side. A piano accordions almost always come with a set of straps already installed and they are usually adjustable. This is done using a buckle, in the same way as a belt. The right strap is slightly longer than the left.

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Step 1

Wear your accordion with the existing straps. If you are right-handed, the keyboard section of the accordion should be on the right hand side of the instrument and the bass buttons on the left. Wear the instrument so that the flat back of the instrument is against your chest. The shoulder straps should go over your shoulders. Adjust the straps if required to make them more comfortable. Practice moving the bellows, pressing the piano keys and operating the bass buttons. Find a comfortable height and then take off the accordion.

Step 2

Measure the length of the right accordion strap at the current length. Measure from the top buckle on the strap to the bottom buckle, ignoring the central buckle used to adjust the length. Do not include the loops that attach to the accordion in the measurement. Measuring the right strap is important, because it is used in the measurements for accordion straps. Generally, the straps measure between 32 and 37 inches in length.

Step 3

Look for accordion straps that match the length you measured. For example, if your right strap measures 35 inches, as long as the straps you are buying can be set at 35 inches, they are suitable. Therefore, a pair of straps measuring between 32 and 37 inches is appropriate, since each strap can be adjusted using the buckle.

Step 4

Measure the length of the piano keyboard if you don't have straps on your accordion. Don't include the outer body of the accordion in your measurement, simply measure from the farthest left key to the farthest right key. Double this amount to determine a strap length that is roughly suitable. Remember, accordion straps are adjustable, so even if the measurement is slightly off, it can be corrected.

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