Detailed Description of the Anne Frank House

by Shelly Barclay

The Anne Frank house is a famous home in Amsterdam, Holland. In 1942, a girl named Anne Frank went into hiding in a "secret annex" of the home. The secret apartment concealed her family and eventually, four other Jews. In 1944, the Nazis found them. Anne later died in a concentration camp. The story stands out among the countless stories like it from the Holocaust because Anne Frank left behind a detailed diary of her time in hiding.

The Exterior

The Anne Frank house, which is now a museum, is located at 263 Prinsengracht Street in Amsterdam. The front facade of the house is brick, with nine windows facing the street, but none of these look out from the secret annex. The annex is in the upper rear of the building. There is a small backyard behind the house. The tree that Anne mentions in her diary is there; she could see it from the attic window of the annex. Both sides of the house touch other buildings.

The Front Half

The front half of the first floor contains a landing and stairway to the second floor; these are on the left upon entering. There is also part of a warehouse on the first floor. The second level contains a hallway and two offices, where some of the people worked who helped hide the Jews. The third level contains three storage rooms and a hallway that leads to the secret apartment. The fourth level of the front half of the building contains the front attic.

The Rear Half

The first floor, rear half, of the Anne Frank house contains the rear part of the warehouse. The second level contains the rear half of the "first floor" hallway, which leads into a private office with a kitchen to the right. The third level contains the hallway that leads into the secret annex through a hidden doorway. A bookcase sitting to the left of a window hides the entrance.

The Secret Annex

The top three levels of the rear half of the building contain the secret annex. Upon entering the annex, there is a hallway; there are stairs and a bathroom to the right. In the front, there is a door that leads into Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Margot Frank's room. To the right of that room, there is a room that Anne shared with Fritz Pfeffer when he went into hiding. The next level of the secret annex contains two rooms where the Van Pels family lived during their two years of hiding. The level above that is the attic from where Anne would look at the chestnut tree in the garden.

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