Destination Baby Shower Ideas

by Christina Schnell
Take time to relax with your friends at a peaceful spa.

Take time to relax with your friends at a peaceful spa.

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A baby shower marks the beginning of a new adventure for any woman. If you're throwing a baby shower for an expectant mom, consider planning a destination baby shower so the mother-to-be can enjoy time with her friends before the sleepless nights and diaper changing take over. The destination and activities depend on your budget and the guest of honor's preferences, but with a little creativity and planning, you can organize a baby shower your friends will remember forever.

The Scenic Spa

Plan the destination baby shower at the nearest scenic location. Schedule a weekend of spa treatments for you and your friends where you'll enjoy everything from seaweed wraps and facials to eyebrow waxing to manicures. Schedule the spa treatments several months in advance so that all guests will share similar time slots. As a gift, have the guests put together a basket of lotions tailored for both mom and a newborn.

Beach Getaway

Host the baby shower at a nearby beach. Stay in a beachfront hotel with spa services or make your party a day trip. Play Pictionary with infant terms by drawing in the sand with sticks and make sand sculptures of babies. If you choose a day trip, ask a few friends to pack and transport the heavy items like drink coolers, food, umbrellas, chairs and blankets. Guests could shower the mom with beach-related baby gifts, such as baby sunscreen, a swimsuit, hooded baby towels or a sun hat.

Baking Class

Maybe the expectant mom has expressed that she wants to learn to bake for her children. Plan the destination shower at a local bakery for a cookie- or bread-baking class. Larger bakeries often hold private classes. Choose a class about baking cookies, bread or another favorite dessert and enjoy the fruits of your labor after at the home of one of your guests. As a gift, ask the guests to contribute to a basket of cookie cutters for all occasions that the mom and her children can enjoy through the years.

Urban Shopping Marathon

Celebrate the new baby in style by hosting the baby shower in the nearest metropolitan area. Choose a city with good public transportation or taxi service so the expectant mom won't have to walk much from the hotel to restaurants to shopping areas. Ask all the shower guests to contribute to a gift card at a baby store in the city so the whole group can shop with mom for baby items.

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