How to Design a Basement Game Room

by Rosalind Mohammed
A pool table makes a great addition to any game room.

A pool table makes a great addition to any game room. Images

The basement of the typical family home is often a neglected space as it feels removed from the living spaces above ground. There is usually very little natural light and the room can feel cold and uninviting. Creating a game room in the basement will address all of these issues and create a brand new space for the family to gather together for some quality time. The space should be fun, bright and welcoming with lots of activities for everyone to share. The new activity center will become another well-used living space in no time.

Items you will need

  • Light colored paint
  • Paint supplies
  • Light colored carpet or area rugs
  • Brightly colored furniture
  • Games and other activities
  • Wall art
Step 1

Clear out anything such as furniture and other items that may have been placed there for storage. Host a garage sale if necessary to avoid the rest of the home becoming cluttered with the stuff that was hidden away downstairs. Clean the basement from top to bottom ensuring that it is a clean slate to begin the new game room design. Uncover and clean any windows to enhance the natural light in the space.

Step 2

Paint the basement in fun, bright colors that are on the lighter side to liven up the space as this will further enhance the natural light in the basement. Wallpaper the walls if desired in fun patterns or just paint in solid colors and add wall art later on to complement that space. Wait for the paint to dry completely and add another coat if needed.

Step 3

Divide the basement into zones where different activities will be performed such as: TV/lounge space, card/games table, pool table and storage. Put down carpet or area rugs that suit the spaces that are bright and colorful, but also match the wall colors. Place them in high traffic areas so they will promote a comfortable, cozy feeling in the space especially because basement floors tend to be on the colder side.

Step 4

Arrange furniture to suit each zone. Purchase a sectional sofa for the TV/lounge area along with a big screen television. Purchase end tables and a coffee table for snacks and drinks as well. Set up video games in this area as needed. Purchase a table that is suitable for playing cards or board games that is either circular or square, depending on the family's preferences. Arrange storage solutions such as shelving with doors to hide everything away neatly when not in use and any additional games related items such as a pool table, foosball table or pinball machine.

Step 5

Hang fun wall art on the walls, or have the family create a mural together for the new space.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the space is small, select an activity most popular with the family and focus on that instead of trying to fit all these items into a small space which will only make it cramped and not enjoyable.
  • When clearing out the basement and creating new space, the basement must be in good shape. If there is any leakage, dampness or other structural issues, a contractor should be called to remedy these problems before they get covered up and become worse.

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