A Description of the Movie "Pretty Woman"

by Daniel Fox

"Pretty Woman" is the film that made Julia Roberts a star.

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"Pretty Woman" entered theaters in 1990, directed by Garry Marshall. It stars Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. It was the film that made Roberts a household name. Jason Alexander of "Seinfeld" fame also appears in a supporting role. Gere plays a successful corporate raider who meets a prostitute played by Roberts in Hollywood one night. The two begin a professional relationship, with Roberts' character at Gere's "beck and call," but it evolves into something more.

Lotus Esprit

Edward Lewis (Gere) borrows his attorney Philip Stuckey's sports car during a party in the Hollywood Hills. Edward is in the process of separating from his wife. He gets lost in Hollywood and stops to ask for directions. Streetwalker Vivian Ward (Roberts) offers to show him the way to the hotel in Beverly Hills where he is staying. He reluctantly agrees, and she accompanies him back to Beverly Hills. She spends the night.

Three Thousand Dollars

Edward offers Vivian $3000 to stay with him for the week. He is in town from New York trying to finish up a deal that will allow him to own and subsequently break up a company owned by James Morse, played by Ralph Bellamy. While he is attending to his affairs, Vivian ventures out to Rodeo Drive to shop for new clothes. Her street-walking gear has attracted a lot of unwanted attention in the posh hotel. A salesgirl at a boutique is rude to her, and she leaves in tears. The manager of the hotel, played by Hector Elizondo, arranges for the fitting and purchase of a beautiful dress, and her confidence returns.

A Change of Heart

Vivian realizes that she has real feelings for Edward. As Edward exposes Vivian to a world she has never seen, her influence shows him a new world as well. A cunning and ruthless businessperson, he has no qualms about destroying a company that Morse has spent his entire life running. Stuckey is anxious to close the deal. Gaining courage from Vivian's counsel, he offers to help fix the flailing company rather than raid it. Stuckey is not amused.

Back To Hollywood

Enraged by Edward's actions, Stuckey confronts Vivian, as he believes this sudden change in Edward's demeanor is the result of Vivian's presence in his life. Edward dismisses Stuckey from his life. The week has ended, and it is time for Vivian to leave. She returns to her cramped apartment in Hollywood, heartbroken. It is time for Edward to go to the airport and return to New York. Instead, he instructs his driver to take him to Vivian's apartment. Vivian hears him calling her from the street. Using the fire escape, he climbs to her window and they embrace and kiss.

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