Description of Characters in "The Princess Diaries 2"

by Nathaniel Williams
Anne Hathaway returned to the role of Princess Mia in

Anne Hathaway returned to the role of Princess Mia in "The Princess Diaries 2."

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In 2001, Julie Andrews returned to the screen after a long absence in the surprise hit "The Princess Diaries." The Garry Marshall film also introduced the world to the young actress Anne Hathaway to the world. With the breakout success of the original, Disney soon green-lit production of a sequel that introduced several new characters in addition to the popular favorites.

Princess Mia

In the original Princess Diaries, Mia (Anne Hathaway) is a seemingly ordinary 15-year-old who learns she is the crown princess of the small European nation of Genovia. Now 21, she is graduating from Yale, but is told of an obscure Genovian law that stipulates she must marry within 30 days or relinquish her claim on the throne. She undertakes a wild search for a suitable husband, only to decide eventually to defy the rule. Her parliament changes the law in her favor, as she finally finds her love in Lord Nicholas.

Lord Nicholas

Mia's chief rival to the throne is Lord Nicholas (Chris Pine), who will inherit her place in line if she does not marry. Nicholas is pushed to seek the throne by his scheming uncle, Viscount Mabrey. Nicholas, however, begins to fall for Mia, complicating his efforts to usurp her. When she announces her wedding to Duke Andrew, he finds himself heartbroken at the news. Relieved at Mia's ultimate decision to cancel her arranged wedding and seek the throne without a husband, Nicholas reveals his love to her.

Viscount Mabrey

Viscount Mabrey (John Ryhs-Davies) is the primary villain in the film, plotting to place his nephew Nicholas in line for the throne. Realizing that Mia might marry within the deadline and deny Nicholas's chances, Mabrey persuades Nicholas to disingenuously seduce Mia and win her heart. When she decides to defy the rule, he demands parliament refuse her request and crown Nicholas, but he fails in his attempt.

Queen Clarisse Renaldi

Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews) is preparing to hand over the throne to her granddaughter Mia when she learns of the obscure succession rule. She tries valiantly to help Mia find a suitable match but suspects that her choice of Duke Andrew may not be best for the young woman. At the wedding, she tells Mia not to marry unless it is for love, prompting Mia to cancel the wedding. In the end, it is Clarisse herself who marries for love, as she ties the knot with her longtime sweetheart Joe.

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