Denver's Memorial Day Parade

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Memorial day honors those that have served in the military.

Memorial day honors those that have served in the military.

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The last Monday of May is officially designated as the day to commemorate veterans and those that have lost their lives in the service of the nation. For many, Memorial Day also marks the beginning of the summer season and the beginning of good weather. In Denver, the mile high city, Memorial day means both things and the citizens come out in full force with a parade and much more to honor the day..

Before the Parade

At 9 a.m. on Memorial Day, the crowds begin to gather for the Wreath Remembrance Ceremony, which is a tribute to those lost in the Gulf War, the War on Terror and all other U.S. wars. The ceremony takes place at the Civic Center Park.

The Parade

The Denver Memorial Day Parade features nearly 100 different groups who march in support of the armed forces and fallen heroes. Floats, vintage and sports cars, and local celebrities and dignitaries on horseback will make their way through the crowds. The parade begins at 10 a.m. at the Civic Center Park and finishes at the Colorado Veterans Monument, which is across the street from the State Capitol. As the final floats pass by the parade review stand, the POW flag is raised in honor of all those who are prisoners of war.

Following the Parade

Immediately following the parade, a Veterans Memorial Day Tribute Ceremony takes place at the Colorado Veterans Monument and various speakers give presentations. The ceremony ends with a reading of the names of fallen soldiers from the Denver area while the navy bell is chimed in the background. Vendors are on hand with various food carts set up for lunch and after the ceremony the area turns into a large outdoor picnic.

Old South Gaylord Memorial Day Weekend Festival

After the parade and ceremonies are over, head over to historic South Gaylord Street for some Memorial Day fun in the sun. The festival features a three-day weekend full of live bands, kids games, outdoor barbecues and carnival rides. Local merchants sell regional and all-American cuisine and craft vendors sell art and creations from local talent.

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