Denver Broncos Ideas for Painting a Room

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Find Denver Broncos paint colors at home improvement stores.

Find Denver Broncos paint colors at home improvement stores.

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Boys and girls of all ages enjoy decorating their rooms in the colors of their favorite sports teams. The Denver Broncos' bright orange, blue and white make for vibrant colors in any sized space. Since the paint colors are already chosen for you, the decorating time can be spent deciding where to put each color and how much. Add even more Denver Broncos spirit to your room with bedding and wall art to complement the Denver Broncos colors.

Color Stacking

Color stacking is a fun way to use your Denver Broncos colors. Choose one of the two main colors, blue or orange, as the anchor color of the room. Paint that color choice on the bottom portion of the room about halfway up the wall. Use the other color as the top color, leaving about a 3-inch horizontal line between the two colors to separate the top and bottom sections. Add a decorative chair rail in the 3-inch space and paint it white. Also use the white to paint the baseboards and crown molding if you have any. Use a Denver Broncos wallpaper border around the top of the room to tie the colors together.

Horizontal Painting Fun

Another option for using the Denver Broncos colors in your bedroom is painting vertical stripes. For this paint plan, choose one of the Denver Broncos colors, orange or blue, as your base color. Paint the entire room in this color. After the base color dries and you’ve put on at least two coats, tape the room in vertical stripes using blue painter’s tape. This type of tape has less adhesive than regular tape or duct tape and is easy to remove. Plan your pattern with some wide stripes and some thin stripes, and determine the amount you want on each wall. When you’re satisfied with the pattern you’ve created, paint the taped areas with the second color. Remove the blue painter's tape after the stripes dry. Paint all trim with white.

Contrasting Wall

Using one contrasting wall is another interesting paint plan for your Denver Broncos themed room. Choose orange or blue as your predominant room color. Paint this color on three of the four walls of the room. Use the remaining color to paint the final wall. Paint all trim, baseboards, door frames and crown molding in white. On the contrasting wall, hang posters of players, helmets, pennants and other Denver Broncos fan items to tie the two colors together.

Collage Painting

Team players’ names, jersey numbers and helmets are a great way to add interest to your Denver Broncos themed room. For this paint plan, use one color on the top half of the room and the other color on the bottom half of the room. Add a white chair rail around the room at the halfway point and paint all trim white. After painting at least two coats on the entire room, let the base paints dry. Use blue painter's tape to outline players’ names or numbers on the walls in various places around the room. Apply white paint within the tape lines and let dry. You can use a sponge paint technique to keep the numbers a little lighter in color if you like that look. After the white paint dries, remove the tape. Add to your Denver Broncos collage room by placing football helmet stencils around the room and painting them with the Denver Broncos helmet colors.

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