How to Decrease Computer Game Lag

by Megan Thacker Google

When playing computer games, one of the worst issues you can encounter is lag. Lag occurs when your computer or your computer's graphics card cannot keep up with the speed of the game. The graphics appear choppy and freeze every few frames. In other instances, your graphics may move at the correct pace, but certain items may not load correctly, causing glitches. Optimizing your computer and Internet speed will reduce lag and help you enjoy your game fully.

Step 1

Check the game specs on the game box or website for compatibility issues. These specs list the type of graphics card needed to properly display the game's graphics, so make sure your card meets these specifications. The game specs also cover issues like minimum processor speed, operating system and memory capacity. Ensure your computer meets all these minimums. If it does not, consider upgrading your computer's hardware.

Step 2

Clean your computer's hard drive of unnecessary files that may slow down your system. Run a disk cleanup and defragment your hard drive. Run your virus scan software to check for any potential viruses that may be affecting your hard drive speed.

Step 3

Check your game's settings. Many games allow users to change display settings. Setting your graphics to a lower quality can increase the frame speed.

Step 4

Strengthen your Internet connection if you are playing an online game. Tether your computer directly to your modem through an Ethernet cable if possible. If you are using a wireless modem, move your computer as close to the modem as possible. Ensure the modem is standing straight up and is placed as high up on a shelf or table as possible.

Step 5

Close unnecessary programs on your computer. If you're playing a game, it is unnecessary to have your Internet browser open. Press "Ctrl+Alt+Del" to open the system task manager and access the "Applications" tab. Click "End Task" to close any open programs.

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