How to Decoratively Wrap a Tennis Racquet & Tennis Balls

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Disguise the easily-recognizable tennis racquet with gift wrap.

Disguise the easily-recognizable tennis racquet with gift wrap.

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Gifts without symmetrical corners prove difficult to wrap. Wrapping a tennis racquet and balls will challenge you because of the racquet's round shape at the top and skinny handle at the bottom. It takes a creative, unconventional wrapping job to ensure that the tennis racquet and balls makes an attractive present. Sure, you can lay the racquet in a box, but why not think outside the box on this one? Get creative with wrapping materials to delight the tennis enthusiast.

Items you will need

  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Three spools coordinating ribbon
  • Large gift bag
  • Cellophane
  • Tape
  • Colored tissue paper

Begin With A Gift Bag

Step 1

Measure the tennis racquet. This will tell you how big a gift bag you need or how much cellophane to cut. Add 6 inches to the measurement to ensure yourself plenty of wrapping supplies.

Step 2

Purchase a tennis-themed gift bag large enough to fit the racquet and tennis balls. Check a party store or tennis shop for the tennis wrapping materials. Look for coordinating tissue paper and ribbon in complementary colors to the bag. Add the tennis racquet, face down, and balls to the bag. Fill the bag with enough tissue paper so that the items are anchored in the bag and cannot be seen from the opening.

Step 3

Cut two feet of ribbon from three different spools. Tie the ribbons together through the handles to keep the bag closed.

Roll Out The Cellophane

Step 1

Get creative with cellophane if you don't like the look of a gift bag. Lay the cellophane roll out on a clean surface. Measure the racquet and add an additional 18 inches. Cut the cellophane to that length. Lay colored tissue paper across the cellophane to cover the entire area. Loop a piece of tape with your fingers and place on the tennis ball can. Stick the can to the face of the racquet. This will keep it in place while you wrap the gift. Place the gift in the middle of the tissue paper.

Step 2

Cut three strings of ribbon about 1 foot each and set them aside. Grab the cellophane edge at the bottom, fold upward over the racquet handle and hold it taught. Wrap the right side inward and hold. Repeat with the left side. Grab the cellophane at the top, near the head of the racquet, and bunch in your hands. Pick up the pre-cut ribbon altogether and tie a bow around the cellophane. Take the extra cellophane above the bow and cut about 1/2 inch straight off the top to even it out. Fluff to fan out.

Step 3

Decorate the tennis racquet and balls as a piece of peppermint candy if, for example, you will give the gift during the holidays. Purchase red-and-white striped tissue paper at your local party or paper goods store. Measure the racquet, pre-cut the ribbon, place the balls, cut the cellophane and put the tissue on top of the cellophane, just like in Step 4. Place the racquet and balls in the center of the tissue and fold the cellophane over near the top of the racquet. Bunch the extra cellophane in your hands and tie three ribbons together to make a bow. Fold over the other side of the cellophane, near the handle, and bunch up right next to the face of the racquet. Tie the bows.

Step 4

Hold the very tops in a tight bunch at each end of the cellophane. Cut 1/4 inch off the top just to even the edges out. Fan out.

Tips & Warnings

  • Place small pieces of tape if the cellophane is sticking out anywhere.
  • Have someone hold the cellophane while you tie the bow.
  • Have plenty of cellophane left over to bunch up at the top.
  • Everything sticks to cellophane, so first clean the surface you work on.

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