Decorative Styrofoam Craft

by Trisha Dawe
Styrofoam cups can be painted and used as flower pots for children's crafts.

Styrofoam cups can be painted and used as flower pots for children's crafts.

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Styrofoam comes in a large variety of sizes and shapes for craft purposes and allows savvy crafters as well as amateurs the ability to create professional looking embellishments for home decor or special events. Many discount stores carry Styrofoam cones, squares and balls while home improvement stores sell large sheets of Styrofoam insulation that can be used in larger craft projects.

Foam Ball Crafts

Foam balls can be transformed into a number of craft projects. Paint them or cover them in fabric strips to hide the foam underneath, tying the strips at the top for an ornament. Another idea is to glue small pine cones, acorn tops, candy pieces or faux floral buds to cover the entire foam ball for hanging or in lieu of bridesmaid bouquets at a wedding. Tie the ends of a piece of decorative ribbon into a secure bow and press a U-shaped piece of floral craft wire over the ribbon into the ball for hanging.

Cone Crafts

Press and glue a dowel rod into the bottom of a cone-shaped piece of Styrofoam and cover the entire thing in plastic wrap to begin making the base for an edible topiary. Push the other end of the dowel rod into another piece of Styrofoam in a flower pot. Press toothpicks through the plastic wrap into the foam to hold grapes, strawberries or melon pieces. For a wedding pew decoration, invert the cone so the pointy end is down, wrap the cone in fabric, and secure it in the back with pearl-end straight pins. Crisscross ribbon around it, using the excess for hanging, and push faux floral stems into the large end of the cone.

Foam Cubes

Hot glue faux moss to all six sides of a foam cube and allow it to dry. Press a tall candle into one side of the foam cube between the moss and glue it down as a decorative candle holder. Use decorative ribbon strands around the length and width of the cube, securing with straight pins or hot glue to make it look like a present. Another option is to paint it, adorn it with ribbon, and wrap a large piece of tulle around it, tied at the top with another piece of decorative ribbon to create a festive centerpiece.

Insulation Sheets

Stack and glue three thin sheets of Styrofoam insulation together or use one thick, 2-inch-wide sheet of the insulation to create a handmade headboard and allow it to dry. Shape the wide top of the stacked sheets into an arc shape using a sharp knife. Hot glue quilt batting over it and layer a large piece of fabric over the batting, securing it with hot or craft glue. Use enough fabric so that the fabric edges are on the back of the headboard and attach it to the wall with long screws or construction glue. Consider adding fabric-covered PVC piping on the sides of the Styrofoam headboard and top the pipes with painted foam balls.

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